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Monday 05.31.10

art school: talking, showing

Bonnie Fortune

Bonnie Fortune will lecture this week for Clark College's Artist Talk series. She's "an artist, writer, and educator based in Chicago...whose project-based work explores issues surrounding the environment, health, technology, and aging."

Artist lecture • 7pm • June 2
Clark College • 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA • PUB 161

Upcoming PSU MFA exhibitions:
Michelle Liccardo's Too Much Mustard is the final show in the ongoing series of MFA in Contemporary Art Practice Exhibitions, June 1-12, 2010 at the MK Gallery;
Disjecta is exhibiting Grown Ups: PSU MFA Graduating Exhibition June 5-July 3, 2010 with a reception June 5.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 31, 2010 at 9:43 | Comments (1)


Friday 05.28.10

May 2010 reviews

May has been an exceedingly good month for shows in Portland and even though Cy Twombly, Disquieted and Donald Judd have ended there's still time to catch Scarecrow and other extra worthy shows. Honestly, I can't a remember a month in Portland when we've had so many high quality or at least provocative shows both local and international in scope? In fact, both the Everett Station Lofts and Last Thursday delivered strong surprises (which somehow weren't sniffed out by the recent attempted/impossible survey of the scene).

Here are a few quick reviews that give one a taste of what else was going on in the Portland art scene for May:

Hometouch at Littlefield

At Littlefield Zach Rose's Hometouch, the artist presented a hilarious mock trade show/infomercial sales situation. The three sleek blinking black boxes on pedestals promise some sort of technology and the cheesy pot ash tree gives the whole affair an air of corporate ennui emphasized by the sign which is expertly presented as anything but home-y. The installation raises lots of questions with no answers. Might one of the black boxes be a game console that can help you exercise or play tennis without leaving the home or is it a wireless controller that will organize the activities of every electronic device in the room? No answers here, just crickets and I enjoyed the near perfect deadpan presentation. It wouldn't be as effective in a traditional white box gallery either.

Overall, technology can be considered an endless incursion into one's personal and or home life and Rose's mock celebration/exposition... (more)

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 28, 2010 at 12:54 | Comments (0)


cinema & print

Makino Takashi

Cinema Project is bringing Japanese video artist Makino Takashi to Portland for two nights of images and sound. The first night will feature short recent videos by Takashi, and the second will feature the world premiere of his newest work Inter View with a live score composed and performed by Portland-based musicians Tara Jane O'Neil and Brian Mumford.

Film screenings • 7pm • June 1 & 2
Cinema Project @ Clinton St Theater • 2552 SE Clinton


Drain magazine is celebrating the release of their 11th issue, "Rewind," with a launch party and video performance at Disjecta this weekend. "Issue #11 of Drain explores through word and image the concept of rewind in contemporary art and culture. What is it that we do when we rewind? What are the politics of personal and cultural rewind? Can we really see, feel, and act again? What are the phenomenological dimensions of rewind?"

Launch party & performance • 7-10pm • May 29
Disjecta @ the Templeton Building • 230 E Burnside

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 28, 2010 at 12:35 | Comments (0)


Friday Museum Links

I'll have an avalanche of reviews for you later today but till then:

The Portland Art Museum has posted some edited highlights of my talk on Anne Truitt and Dan Flavin here. Of course it doesn't get into all the details I discussed about Judd, Greenberg, Panza and Truitt herself as a kind of competing but complementary discourse but it's a nice art historical faceoff. In particular the way Truitt channeled emotional content into a so called cold style is telling. Fact was after growing up in the depression and making sacrifices as children during WWII artists like Truitt, Flavin and Judd had a keen interest in a more up front, less drama-filled contemplation of art.

Meat Packing District Whitney Museum by Renzo Piano

Well, in case you haven't heard... it's official The Whitney is moving to the Meat Packing District... so what will become of their fantastic but too small Breuer building? Looks like the Met will rent it so the can finally renovate their modern and contemporary galleries but after that? My bet is the Guggenheim or possibly some non-art museum will rent or purchase it. It is really only good for museums. The new Renzo Piano designed museum for the Whitney will put a premium on column-free space allowing a New York museum to compete or at least accommodate similar work as Tate Modern's enormous Turbine Hall. Is bigger better? Also... (more)

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 28, 2010 at 10:52 | Comments (0)


Thursday 05.27.10

artists wanted

The University Club of Portland is seeking submissions for its 2010-2011 Artist-in-Residence program. "This year-long program offers a professional studio artist, living in Oregon or Southern Washington, the opportunity to create in a private studio, offer group or private classes, workshops, and lectures..." Membership in the club is included. Applications due June 30. More info here.

Sisters of the Road, a local non-profit that helps the homeless and others in need, is seeking artwork to be given to the recipient of the regional annual Nonviolence and Economic Human Rights Award. There's an initial budget of $1500 for creating the work, followed by the rights to reproduce it annually for $500 or less. The artwork should represent Nonviolence and Economic Human Rights, and the deadline for proposals is June 25. Contact Katie Johnson at Katie@sistersoftheroad.org for more info.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 27, 2010 at 8:40 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 05.26.10

New arts education seminar

Registration has opened for the Right Brain Initiative's first annual arts education seminar, "Imagine This: A Seminar on Bringing Creativity to Classrooms." The event includes a broad range of workshops and lectures from many major arts education speakers. Cost is $100 for a day or $250 for the whole event. Follow this link to see the schedule of events and registration info.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 26, 2010 at 10:34 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 05.25.10

Last Thursday Picks May 2010


At Appendix: Travis Fitzgerald is a painter who "works with the collective identity of grouped characters and a trajectory of design throughout the 20th century" whose "recent transition to built objects in space pulls known methodologies of making into unknown territories."

At Little Field: Zach Rose's HOMETOUCH: "Through object, performance, and interaction design, Rose interrogates the myths of technological innovation and capitalist enterprise. Situated between cell phone huckster and tech startup HOMETOUCH divorces product from service, form from function, and innovation from success."

Opening receptions • 6pm • May 27
Appendix Project Space • South alley b/w 26th & 27th off NE Alberta
Little Field • North alley b/w 28th & 29th off NE Alberta

While you're in NE, check out the Alicia Blue Gallery on 1468 NE Alberta and False Front on 4518 NE 32nd.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 25, 2010 at 11:16 | Comments (0)


Monday 05.24.10

Microcinema & last minute artist needed


Deep Leap Microcinema presents The Internet is a Terrible Place to Live: video art by Tyrone Davies, Nia Burns, Rachael Morrison, Max Juren, Stephen Slappe, Jeremy Bailey, Grey Gersten, and more, featuring a performance of Poltzergeist by Weird Faction. $3-$6.

Film(s) screening • 8pm • May 25
Deep Leap Microcinema @ Grand Detour • 215 SE Morrison Suite 2020

ARTIST NEEDED: False Front Studio is seeking an artist to perform and/or exhibit in their intimate NE Portland space this Thursday to replace the previously scheduled artist, who had to postpone due to a family emergency. Contact Jason Doizé at jasondoize@mac.com ASAP for more info.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 24, 2010 at 14:01 | Comments (0)


Monday Links

Roberta Smith discusses Philippe Halsman's technique of having his photographic subjects jump.

Walter Robinson discusses the latest Greater New York show... not an impressive show but that's to be expected.

Jerry Saltz discusses Abromovic at MoMA. I've noticed that women like Abromovic and Rist are the only artists to tackle the atrium successfully... I've got a theory but I want to see a few more success stories to test it. Anyone else have a theory?

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 24, 2010 at 11:35 | Comments (0)


Thursday 05.20.10

artists wanted

Tacoma's Museum of Glass is seeking submissions for their first-ever juried art auction. All proceeds from auction sales go to benefit the museum, but! There are three serious cash prizes at stake ($2,500 - $10,000) and a five-day residency in the museum's hot shop. Works must be primarily made of glass and created after January 1, 2005. Submission deadline is June 2. Learn about the auction event and see the call for artists on their website.

(More!! Flower (Re)Power, 100th Monkey Studio, and a video festival in Rome.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 20, 2010 at 10:38 | Comments (2)


Thursday Links

The Portland Mercury's cover story on an artist's residency in a foreclosed mansion shows the resourceful and supportive spirit of Portland's arts scene.

A photo or two of Oregon Painting Society at Tate Modern in Vogue. (scroll through)

Brian Libby discusses the Rubber Stamp panel for the CRC comprised of transit insiders. Look "no design" means no bridge and I'm a longtime supporter of a bridge option.

At the new MAN, Tyler reports on the Walker Art Center's cutbacks... Just goes to show that non profit endowments have not recovered. Reminds me how out front Ferriso was since PAM made its first cuts even before the recession was official (senior staff at PAM took pay cuts etc last year too).

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 20, 2010 at 10:27 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 05.19.10

Last chance Judd, gallery talk

Peter Ballantine

It's the last 3 days of the Donald Judd exhibition at the U of O's White Box Gallery (in Portland) and thanks to RACC and OCHC Judd's longtime fabricator, friend, and now restorer, lecturer and curator Peter Ballantine will give a gallery talk at 3:00 PM on Friday May 21st at the gallery.

It has been a privilege to work with him and if you are interested in the radical aspects of 60's art, Judd or fabrication of any kind Peter is a must meet primary source. Ballantine met Judd in 1968 while in the Whitney Museum's now legendary Independent Studies Program. From 1969 to 1994 he fabricated over 200 Judd works directly and approved a large number by other fabricators on behalf of Judd. From 1994 to 2004 he was art supervisor for the Donald Judd Estate/Judd Foundation and since has worked as an independent Judd restorer, curator, researcher and lecturer. He is currently preparing a Judd drawing show in London and 2 Judd Delegated Fabrication conferences in Berlin and New York similar to Portland's. Those other venues likely wont have an exhibition like the one here (the first of its kind to explore Judd's delegated fabrication) and odds are this is the last major Judd solo show in the Pacific Northwest during our lifetime (all of the plywood works in the show are made from Oregon Douglas fir)... so see it.

University of Oregon, Portland
White Box Gallery
24 NW 1st ave
Lecture at 3:00 PM
Gallery hours this week Tuesday-Friday 12-6PM

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 19, 2010 at 11:51 | Comments (0)



From "Intersection"

NAAU presents InterSection: the lines that brought us here, a one-night-only event curated by Keia Booker. "Each of the 6 artists were given a directive to map a particular act of expression by tracing lines through their own personal artistic heritage. On May 21st their work in theory and practice will emerge from personal navigation and make contact with a larger context of communal action and expression." Featured artists include: Lindsay Kennedy (touch), Gary Wiseman (seeing), Tahni Holt (understanding), Seth Nehil (listening), Ty Ennis (forgiveness), Rikki Rothenberg (love).

Art event • 6-9pm • May 21
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny • 503.231.8294

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 19, 2010 at 9:30 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 05.18.10

Architecture & Speed Spark

UO's medical and athletic center, designed by ZGF

Eugene Sandoval, lead architect at ZGF, is speaking at UO White Stag this week for their Architecture & Allied Arts' spring lecture series. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Architecture lecture • 12-1pm • May 19
UO Portland • White Stag Building Event Room • 70 NW Couch

TILT Export, a curating project run by Josh Smith and former PORTstar Jenene Nagy, is hosting Art Spark at Vendetta this month. Dubbing the event "curatorial speed dating," the pair is soliciting artists to "knock their socks off." Send in images ahead of time to tilt@jjfab.com with "Art Spark" in the subject line, then show up at the event to present your project idea to TILT Export in five minutes. Participants will be considered for upcoming TILT Export projects being planned in other cities. A number of other local curators will be in attendance as well, including Avantika Bawa of Aquaspace, Derek Faust of Doppler PDX, and Damien Gilley of IGLOO.

Art adventure • 5-7pm • May 20
Art Spark @ Vendetta • 4306 N Williams

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 18, 2010 at 11:17 | Comments (0)


Monday 05.17.10

art cinema

Nancy Andrews, still from "Phantom Limb"

Cinema Project presents Omnium-Gatherum Pt. II, a follow-up to Pt. I presented last fall at Light Industry in Brooklyn. "Picking up where Pt. I left off, Omnium-Gatherum Pt. II brings us to the present day for two nights of Northwest premieres from some of [Cinema Project's favorite artists]. Each of these works has been produced within the past two years, and showcases the innovation and maturity of these contemporary moving-image artists." Screenings are happening over two days, visit the Cinema Project website for schedule and details.

Film screenings • 7pm • May 18 & 19
Cinema Project @ Clinton St Theater • 2522 SE Clinton

Andrew Klaus

Grand Detour, "a new microcinema setting for experimental filmmakers and curators in Industrial SE," is kicking off their inaugural summer screenings with THINK/FEEL: The experimental cinema of Andrew Klaus, a Portland filmmaker with "a well-earned reputation for exploring the darker corners of the creative experience." Due to mature content, the screenings will be 18+.

Film screening • 7pm • May 18
Grand Detour • 215 SE Morrison Suite 2020

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 17, 2010 at 9:34 | Comments (0)


Friday 05.14.10

Interview with Adam Stennett for Disquieted

I met Adam Stennett on a sunny, Saturday afternoon in May. Seated on a park bench outside the Portland Art Museum, we discussed the development of Stennett's working process, growing up in Oregon, and his life in Brooklyn since 1994. Stennett's video piece, Mouse Swimming Overhead, is featured in the PAM Disquieted exhibition. Disquieted closes Sunday May 16, 2010.

Adam Stennett in the South Park Blocks, Portland Or.

"...you have to grab them from across the room and then punch them when you get them up close." - Adam Stennett

Gary Wiseman: Let's begin with your impressions of the [Disquieted] exhibition.

Adam Stennett: First of all when Bruce [Guenther] contacted me and said that he had a video of mine that he had borrowed from the collection of Ben And Aileen Krohn, and then he started telling me about the exhibition and who was going to be in it, you know, it was kind of like my dream team. So many artists whose work I really reacted to... (more)

Posted by Gary Wiseman on May 14, 2010 at 15:32 | Comments (0)


alberta arts


Art on Alberta' annual Art Hop is happening this Saturday. The day-long event, like an über Last Thursday, includes art openings, music performances, vendors, food, and four new permanent murals on NE Alberta.

Arts celebration • 11am-6pm • May 15
Alberta Arts District • NE Alberta St, covering ~15 blocks west of 30th


Stay on Alberta through the evening for the second opening at the new Alicia Blue Gallery, which debuted by hosting Heidi Schwegler's Portland2010 exhibition. Where are they now?, curated by Beth Gates, features work by Le Hong Thai and Nguyen Van Cuong, two young contemporary artists from Vietnam who live and work in Hanoi.

Opening reception • 6-8pm • May 15
Alicia Blue Gallery • 1468 NE Alberta • 503.505.9060

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 14, 2010 at 9:42 | Comments (0)


Thursday 05.13.10

Disquieted at PAM

Untitled 2002, Lari Pittman

The most recent, long running show at the Portland Art Museum, Disquieted, is an exhibition rife with contradiction and conundrum. Opalescent and beefy with the reputation of its artists, Disquieted boasts an exhibition to impress and seduce. . .(more)

Posted by Amy Bernstein on May 13, 2010 at 7:03 | Comments (2)


Face Facade & Bookwerks


Fourteen30 presents Natascha Snellman's Face Facade: "Gender metaphors and archetypes mix with corporeal sensibilities in Natascha Snellman's recent photographs and sculpture. Snellman's works utilize surrogates from popular culture, the art world, and the animal kingdom to question relationships between animal and man/woman, man and woman, and the other."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • May 14
Fourteen30 • 130 SE 3rd • 503.236.1430

Shelves @ Monograph Bookwerks

Local artist Blair Saxon-Hill and John Brodie, owner of Le Happy and proprietor of the famous Store for a Month, have opened a new art bookstore on Alberta. Monograph Bookwerks, featuring "fine art books + objects," is open Wed-Sun 11am-7pm, at 5005 NE 27th @ Alberta, 503.284.5005.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 13, 2010 at 6:20 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 05.12.10

Open Engagement


PSU's 2010 Open Engagement conference is this weekend. "The artists involved in Open Engagement: Making Things, Making Things Better, Making Things Worse, challenge our traditional ideas of what art is and does. These artist's projects mediate the contemporary frameworks of art as service, as social space, as activism, as interactions, and as relationships, and tackle subject matter ranging from urban planning, alternative pedagogy, play, fiction, sustainability, political conflict and the social role of the artist." The conference is free and open to the public- just register at the PSU art building the day of the event you'd like to attend.

Art & social practice conference • May 14-17, 2010
Open Engagement @ PSU • 2000 SW 5th (registration: see schedule for event locations)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 12, 2010 at 9:34 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 05.11.10

Bill Will at Nine Gallery

Bill Will at Nine Gallery

It has been observed that when an art opening is attended mostly by fine artists, many of the conversations are not so much dialogic as they are recitations of résumés, perhaps more like what others would say of some presbyters networking rather than engaging in fellowship. One might also liken it to maneuvering through a sales meeting in an attempt to get the boss' ear. Insiders may accept the rules of the game while those unfamiliar with these social settings, rightfully so, would find the practices wholly unsatisfying, and even rude.

This is how I remember artists' receptions in Chicago some years ago. It was not uncommon for someone to leave a conversation without so much as a parting nod, only to set up camp next to someone of supposed greater social stature (curator, gallerist, critic, collector) and more beneficial to one's art career... (more)

Posted by Patrick Collier on May 11, 2010 at 11:16 | Comments (1)


on art & the arts

Don Flavin, "Untitled (To Donna) II," 1971

PORTstar and founder Jeff Jahn will be giving this month's artist talk at PAM. He'll be speaking on Dan Flavin's Untitled (To Donna) II and Anne Truitt's Bonne. As usual, the talk meets in the Hoffman Lobby at 6pm, then will be toured by the works by Jahn, then back in the Lobby for "happy hour" after the talk.

Artist talk • 6-8pm • May 13
Portland Art Museum • 1219 SW Park • 503.226.2811

Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser, president of the Kennedy Center, is bringing his "Arts in Crisis" tour to Portland at the Gerding Theater. In this "community conversation," Kaiser will discuss the challenges facing non-profit performing arts organizations today, including fundraising, budgeting, marketing and building effective boards. The event is free, but requires registration (here).

Community conversation • 10am-12pm • May 13
Gerding Theater @ the Armory • 128 NW 11th

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 11, 2010 at 10:28 | Comments (0)


Tyler Green moves to Art Info

After 8.5 years Tyler Green is moving Modern Art Notes to Art Info. Yes yes, I know Tyler drives some people crazy with his moralizing which can border on the shrill but what I appreciate most about him is how seriously he takes arts journalism (which is a mostly debased profession these days). By "seriously" I mean he compartmentalizes his love of the arts and the integrity of such, holding it on par or above journalism's pettier exploits (i.e. careerism, petty inter-critic bitch slapping etc). If we had more Tyler's the Barnes foundation, Rose Art Museum etc. would not be going in the integrity shy directions they have undertaken. Frankly we need more critics in the mainstream press, espc. ones who care about the end product as much as their careers.

What this means is I finally have to update PORT's links page for Monday (so send me your links and I'll get on it). Overall, I'm a historian (another dubious prof that's important when done well) so I'm coming at it from another angle but I think the important thing is that people like Tyler can find umbrella organizations that can pay the bills and keep serious arts writing alive. Good on yah sir.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 11, 2010 at 10:04 | Comments (0)


Monday 05.10.10

Kimmelman plays with marbles, loses the high ground

Photo: Kallistos

On Sunday Michael Kimmelman penned a strange article on the disputed rights over the so called Elgin Marbles, a series of marble sculptures taken from the Parthenon to reside in the British Museum. Greece wants them back and with that country suddenly in the news it is clear this was an opportunistic story. Fine, except it's an obscuring move and a bit clubby in its complicitness with the status quo (whether it is relevant to today's shifting context or not).

What's wrong with his conveniently relativistic article isn't the relativism (par for the course in museum ethics today)... it's the "convenience" of his non arguments. By hedging both sides as a kind of relativistic stalemate he's not really reporting on the issue or critiquing it for that matter (as chief art critic of the NYT's I hold him to a high standard). The comments pretty much hand it to him.

My issue with the article is that the British Museum's claim on the marbles (the old "that's the way we did it then" argument) isn't gaining any additional moral strength with time, while Greece's certainly is (their history is their economy and their political glue... and quite simply they care more). Thus, barring some unforeseen prosperity for Greece in the next 100 years it's the equivalent of refusing to help ones parent's with some symbolic request.

What's more the argument that since repatriating the marbles will not fully heal the wound is ridiculous... nobody makes such claims for... (more)

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 10, 2010 at 13:24 | Comments (1)


artist + participant opportunities

IGLOO Gallery is hosting If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It, an Open Engagement project by Sara Black and John Preus. They're soliciting the participation of "four individuals, couples, groups or families who own a broken thing and who might like to see it 'repaired.'" The ask participants to consider the following:
"Three options are available with each instance of brokenness:
Return: re-approximate the state prior to brokenness.
Concession: landfill, death, surrender. At this point, we relinquish control to biology.
Transformation: material and/or functional qualities are diverted. We seek or uncover an objects novel capacities."
Repairs will take place at the gallery on Monday, May 17. If you're interested, contact info@blackpreus.org ASAP.

(MORE: Proposals due for June Stock dinner; major artist residency/installation at Kurtztown University; Fix Studio's ShowPDX 2010 is looking for NW designers.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 10, 2010 at 12:34 | Comments (0)


Saturday 05.08.10

Harry Dawson & Bill Viola

Bill Viola, still from "Quintet of the Astonished"

The NW Film Center presents The Art of Collaboration, a talk by Harry Dawson on his collaboration with Bill Viola on Quintet of the Astonished, a film that's currently on view at PAM for DISQUIETED. Tomorrow Dawson will discuss his "innovative, complex work with Viola, a two-decade association that, in addition to this piece, has yielded works ranging from a 3 1/2-hour, 35' x 70', silent film 'backdrop' for the Paris Opera's production of Tristan and Isolde (2005), to GOING FORTH BY DAY (2002), which references fresco painting to create a powerful five-part projection-based installation that examines cycles of birth, death, and rebirth." Admission to the exhibition is included with tickets to the talk.

Artist talk • 2pm • May 9
NW Film Center @ PAM • 1219 SW Park • Whitsell Auditorium

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 08, 2010 at 12:13 | Comments (0)


Thursday 05.06.10

First Friday Picks May 2010


Worksound presents House Arrest, featuring work by Nan Curtis, Ianthe Jackson, Rachel Peddersen, and Tyler Wallace, with special opening night performances by Sean Patrick Carney and Future Death Toll.

Opening reception • 6pm • May 7
Worksound • 820 SE Alder • mojomodou@gmail.com

(More: Alison Pebworth at Gallery Homeland, Liz Haley at Pushdot, open studios at Boatspace, Nicky Kriara at Good, UO MFA candidates at Disjecta.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 06, 2010 at 13:32 | Comments (0)


Donald Judd... now

Exhibition essay: Donald Judd, White Box at The University of Oregon Portland by Jeff Jahn

Suddenly and without the prompt of a recent high profile major museum exhibition in the United States, the work of the preeminent artist Donald Judd (1928-1994) has enjoyed renewed interest amongst the most recent generations of artists. Reactions to his influence are everywhere in art, architecture and design schools today. So much so that if a clean box that avoids illusion or attention getting details by being well-made of metal, Plexiglas or douglas fir is present, so is Judd's legacy.

The pity is that ubiquity extends a pervasively superficial understanding of Judd.

Judd Art (c) Judd Foundation. Licensed by VAGA, NYC (photo: Jeff Jahn)

In the support of the conference Donald Judd Delegated Fabrication this exhibition is the first ever to look at Judd's process by paring major works with drawings by Judd for fabricators, production drawings by fabricators and other ephemera.... (more)

Posted by Jeff Jahn on May 06, 2010 at 13:12 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 05.05.10

Beside Himself


Ditch Projects presents Beside Himself: Exhibiting Male Anxiety, "an exhibition that combines art, cinema, everyday objects, and fabricated vignettes to explore how the relationship between masculinity and anxiety manifests itself in cultural production." The show is curated by Terri C. Smith and features work by Vito Acconci, Trisha Baga, Tim Davis, Marie de Saint Phalle, Alisha Kerlin, Neal Medlyn, Bryan Zanisnik, Seth Kelly, and Karsten Krejcarek.

Opening reception • 7-10pm • May 8
Ditch Projects • 303 S 5th Ave #190 Springfield, OR • info@ditchprojects.com

Also: Ditch Projects recently announced that they're losing their space in the Millrace Gear House and seeking a new permanent or temporary space in which to host their scheduled fall exhibitions. Please contact them with "any suggestions, commiseration, or acts of support."

Posted by Megan Driscoll on May 05, 2010 at 10:49 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 05.04.10

Walt Curtis fire fund

Walt Curtis

According to his friend and former art dealer Mark Woolley, "Walt Curtis lost most everything Sunday in the big fire at Great NW Bookstore. Walt lost his apartment, studio, manuscripts, photos, paintings and much more. One thing he escaped with was a small painting he was working on when the fire broke out on Sunday. Other than that, he needs our help for basic necessities, housing, art supplies, some living expenses while he rebuilds some of what he lost.

His spirits are pretty good and he is sporting a bit of a 'Grecian Formula' look in his beautiful hair from the smoke. Friends and supporters can help Walt by giving generously to the Walt Curtis Fund at any Wells Fargo bank.'

In case you are new to Portland Walt Curtis is a fixture as a poet, painter and the author of Mala Noche. Well wishers can send notes of encouragement to: Walt Curtis, c/o Mark Woolley, 2644 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., Portland, OR 97212

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First Thursday Picks May 2010

Donald Judd, photo by Jeff Jahn

In case you somehow missed Donald Judd mania in April, you can still see the exhibition of his work at the University of Oregon's White Box gallery in the White Stag building. It's open to the public and up through May 21, 2010, with a First Thursday reception this week. Show curator and PORT founder Jeff Jahn notes that: "This is the first show of major Judd works in the Pacific Northwest since 1974 and the first ever exhibition of Judd's drawings for fabricators and drawings by fabricators and other ephemera."

First Thursday reception • 5-8pm • May 6
White Box • 24 NW 1st Ave

(More: Claire Cowie at Elizabeth Leach, Gus Van Sant at PDX Contemporary, Artur Silva at Half/Dozen, Holly Senn at Doppler PDX.)

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Monday 05.03.10

schooling you

Hank Willis Thomas

We've been remiss on calendaring good PMMNLS lectures, but there's a not-to-be-missed one next week. Hank Willis Thomas, "a contemporary African American visual artist and photographer whose primary interests are race, advertising and popular culture," will be lecturing on Ads Imitate Art, Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Ads. About his work, Thomas writes: "[The] B(r)anded series is a result of an exploration, and subsequent appropriation of the language of advertising. By employing the ubiquitous language of advertising in my work, I am able to talk explicitly about race, class and history in a medium that almost anyone can decode."

Artist lecture • 7:30pm • May 10
PSU Campus • 1914 SW Park (Corner of SW Broadway & Hall) • Shattuck Hall Annex Rm 198

Karl Burkheimer

Karl Burkheimer, sculptor and Associate Professor and Department Head of the wood program at OCAC, will be lecturing this week for Clark College's ongoing art talk series.

Artist lecture • 7pm • May 5
Clark College • 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA • Penguin Union Building (PUB) 161

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