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PSU MFA Lecture: Peter McCaughey
2011 Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno
Woolly Mammoth, Nietzsche, and Michael Jackson Come to Dinner
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Monday 10.31.11

PSU MFA Lecture: Peter McCaughey

Peter McCaughey, "Polebender"

PSU presents Peter McCaughey, another live-streaming lecturer beamin' at ya all the way from Glasgow!

Harnessing teams of artists, architects, engineers, writers and activists, Peter McCaughey makes localized, often fleeting work about public space and "the landscape of memory." He uses film, video, projection, sound and light, as well as more traditional sculpture materials. Besides teaching at Glasgow School of Art, McCaughey advises the Glasgow Housing Association and directs WAVE, a small organization he founded to manage public art commissions, urban regeneration projects and art consultations.

Lecture • 7:30-8:30pm • October 31
Shattuck Hall Annex at PSU • 1914 SW Park Ave, Rm 198

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 31, 2011 at 11:49 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 10.26.11

2011 Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno

Ansel Adams, Winter Sunrise from Lone Pine, Sierra Nevada, 1944

This fall, the Nevada Art Museum hosted its second Art + Environment Conference. Starting with the opening talk by David Walker, the Executive Director of NAM, and William Fox, the Director for the Center for Art+Environment, the conference explored the implications, problems and opportunities of living in the Anthropocene era. Anthropocene is a term coined by Eugene Stoermer to describe our current time, when the influence of human activity on the lithosphere has been so significant as to warrant its own geological era.
While the influence of human activity on the planet is undeniable, a deeper question, especially for artists, is how does recognition of the Anthropocene era influence the work that we choose to make and experience. More...

Posted by Arcy Douglass on October 26, 2011 at 15:10 | Comments (0)


Woolly Mammoth, Nietzsche, and Michael Jackson Come to Dinner


PLACE continues its series of philosophical salons. Praxis, "an artistic act that utilizes philosophical ideas," hosts Gina Altamura and dance troupe Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner in a discussion of "Michael Jackson as Zarathustra: a contemporary perspective on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche." Expect a hearty blend of pop culture, Nietzschean aphorisms and meta-mytho-psycho dancing.

Presentation • 6:30-9pm • October 26
PLACE @ Pioneer Place Mall • 700 SW 5th • 3rd floor • placepdx@gmail.com

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 26, 2011 at 11:38 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 10.25.11

Last Thursday October 2011


Appendix Project Space presents Swimming, a selection of sculpture, hand-made booklets and photographic prints by Geoffrey KixMiller. His work contemplates "the unstable recipe of pattern, absurdity and expressiveness" in found objects and chance compositions.

Opening reception • 7pm • October 27
Appendix • south alley between 26th & 27th, off NE Alberta

(More: a bevy of artist talks and lectures!)

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 25, 2011 at 22:33 | Comments (0)


Monday 10.24.11

Give us your links

Ok it has been too long since PORT has updated its links page. We are looking for art and design sites both inside and outside of Portland. Email your links to me at Jeff (at) Portlandart.net. It is a "curated" list so I can't promise we will use them but I'll definitely check them out.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 24, 2011 at 16:04 | Comments (0)


Friday 10.21.11

Saturday Lectures


in conjunction with What We Carried: Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization, Launch Pad presents a roundtable on Iraqi refugees in Portland. Dr. Baher Butti, Lisa Kelly, Shirook George Altaweel and Jim Lommasson discuss "what it's like to leave one's homeland... life in Oregon... and Iraq today."

Panel discussion • 2pm • October 22
Launch Pad Gallery • 534 SE Oak • 503.427.8704

Ohad Meromi, storyboard for "Rehearsal Sculpture, Act II: Consumption," 2011

TBA lives! PICA presents a late ON SIGHT Salon with Ohad Meromi. "Before opening up his installation to a participatory rehearsal with Tahni Holt, artist Ohad Meromi will kibbitz about kibbutzim, utopian modernism, and group sculpture."

Salon • 2-3pm • October 22
Washington High School • SE Stark and 13th • 503.242.1419

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 21, 2011 at 9:01 | Comments (0)


Thursday 10.20.11

Unhappy Hipsters on N. Mississippi


With its whip smart combination of design savvy, ennui and relentless critiques of cliched architectural photography Unhappy Hipsters is one of my favorite sites on the internet. They have a new book too and you can meet the site's founders this Friday at Land on N. Mississippi ave. (yes teeming with hipsters). Perhaps PORT's own Dwell dweller Katherine Bovee will end up being immortalized in one of their classic captions.

Book Signing, Friday October 21st
5-7 PM
3925 N Mississippi Ave

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 20, 2011 at 13:48 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 10.18.11

Buildings, Books and Papercuts

OCAC student using the Jean Vollum Drawing, Painting and Photography Building's custom locker/counter top built-ins (photo Jeff Jahn)

In conjunction with the 2011 Portland Architecture and Design Festival, OCAC artist-in-residence Daniel Mellis discusses "the phenomenon of architects making artist's books, as well as artist book-makers' work on architecture and the built environment." He is joined by David Gabriel of COLAB Architecture + Urban Design, the Portland firm that along with Charles Rose Architects of Boston provided designs for OCAC's two newest buildings.

The evening begins with tours of the Vollum Drawing, Painting and Photography Building and the Bonnie-Laing Malcomson Thesis Studios.

Lecture and tour • 7pm • October 19
Vollum Drawing & Painting Studios @ OCAC • 8245 SW Barnes Rd • 503.297.5544

Nikki McClure, "Source" (detail), 2010

Papercut artist Nikki McClure discusses her practice in a lecture by the Museum of Contemporary Craft and the MFA in Applied Craft & Design. McClure's exhibition at MoCC closes October 29, so catch it while the cuts are hot.

Lecture • 6:30-8:30pm • October 20
PNCA • 1241 NW Johnson • 503.226.4391

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 18, 2011 at 23:01 | Comments (0)


Sara Greenberger Rafferty lecture

Sara Greenberger Rafferty, "Slide," 2007, c-print, 14 x 11 inches, edition of 5

As a kickoff to PICA and PSU's new Studio Lecture Series, Sara Greenberger Rafferty brings the omnipresent but rarely discussed comedic tropes of contemporary art to the forefront with a feminist edge. Will she be heckled like David Eckard recently was?

Sara Greenberger Rafferty received a BFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, and an MFA in Sculpture and New Genres from Columbia University School of the Arts in New York. She is represented by Rachel Uffner Gallery (New York) and has shown at P.S.1, Artists Space and Mary Boone Gallery.

October 19,7:30pm - 9:00pm
PSU Campus (at the corner of SW Broadway & Hall on the PSU campus)
Shattuck Hall Annex, 1914 SW Park Ave, Room 198

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 18, 2011 at 16:42 | Comments (0)


Monday 10.17.11

Monday links

Linda Yablonsky discusses the always loaded "Mid Career Survey."

The Guardian reviews the 2011 Frieze art fair here is Adrian Searle's account as well.

The New York Times had a nice article on Patti Smith's Memento Mori photos.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 17, 2011 at 16:31 | Comments (0)


Lucy Lippard, Remotely


The PSU Art & Social Practice MFA Lecture Series presents Lucy Lippard. "An internationally known writer, activist and curator... Lippard was among the first writers to recognize the de-materialization at work in conceptual art and was an early champion of feminist art."

Lippard speaks via webcast tonight. The lecture won't be streamed live on the wild wild web, so you best slip out of your houseclothes into something less comfortable and shimmy down to Shattuck Hall. PICA's Resource Room (open 9-5 weekdays) has archives of past talks if you miss it, and select lectures from the series are also available on vimeo.

Lecture • 7:30-8:30pm • October 17
Shattuck Hall Annex at PSU • 1914 SW Park Ave, Rm 198

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 17, 2011 at 16:03 | Comments (0)


Friday 10.14.11

FTW... Miss Bronson

Bronson Fellows at Hoffman Gallery; photo by Jeff Jahn

This Saturday, join artist David Eckard and curators Linda Tesner and Stephanie Snyder at the Bronson Road Rally. It's the latest in a full lineup of events celebrating the legacy of influential Northwest artist Bonnie Bronson. For your time, you get tours of three collegiate exhibitions, and the event culminates in a delicious sack lunch (pack it yourself!) at Reed College.


10am: Bronson Fellows
Hoffman Gallery, Lewis & Clark • 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd • 503.768.7687

11am: David Eckard: Deployment
Marylhurst Art Gym • 17600 Pacific Highway, Marylhurst, OR • 503.699.6243

12pm: newly installed Bronson Collection
Cooley Gallery, Reed College • 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd • Hauser Memorial Library

Bonnie Bronson, "Untitled (Blue, Green, and Orange)," 1961

Still on view at Elizabeth Leach, Bonnie Bronson: The Early Years showcases oil paintings, sculptures and works on paper. Several of these 1960s works have never been shown.

Exhibition • through November 19
Elizabeth Leach Gallery • 417 NW 9th • 503.224.0521

photo by Wayne Bund

Coming up this Tuesday, David Eckard performs A Simple Act of Maintenance.

Performance • 5pm • October 18
Hoffman Gallery, Lewis & Clark • 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd • 503.768.7687

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 14, 2011 at 12:20 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 10.12.11

Clyfford Still in the Northwest

Clyfford Still's 1937 8A (painted in 1937, Pullman Washington)

I'm very excited about the opening of the Clyfford Still Museum next month in Denver (designed by Portland's Brad Cloepfil and co-curated by PORT reader/art historian David Anfam). Still (who grew up in Spokane) is perhaps my favorite ab-ex painter because he was such a cantankerous stickler, very physical and insistent upon preserving the integrity of his work. Still set the stage for Donald Judd and I feel like most of today's top artists have become too accommodating of institutions and collectors by comparison.

I'm not the only one excited here and Tyler Green is pretty amped about Still too. He has done a great two part preview; Part I and Part II.

One not so minor omission in Green's account is Still's time as a Professor at Washington State University in Pullman 1935-41 not (Spokane) and though Green is right to suggest that his work at steel yards in the Bay Area may have lead to Still's quite recognizable abstractions (and growing scale after 1941), Still was already doing abstractions during the Pullman years as 8A from 1937 demonstrates. Thus, the assertion that Still, "broke through to abstraction," in the Bay Area as Green suggests isn't precisely true... instead he solidified himself as an abstract painter there after a process begun in Pullman Washington (when he was married to his first wife, his second wife tended to disavow paintings from that era... hmmm).

Instead, the truth is abstraction and figuration were modes Still vacillated between while at Pullman and more research needs to be undertaken on those years. An era of such vacillations is sure to be revealing, it's usually where the crucial decisions (in hind sight) are first identified.

In fact, a Portland collector owns a very interesting... (more)

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 12, 2011 at 14:46 | Comments (0)


Museum Spectacular


PAM presents Shine-A-Light 2011, the museum's third annual foray into "anything goes." There's food, music and brews; art-inspired haircuts and tattoos; square dancing; speed idea generation; and a whole host of performances, installations, workshops and tours. Heck, you can even debate art loudly with strangers!

Activities run all day, but the real meaty stuff starts at 6pm.

"The Museum thus becomes for one day a playground for new ideas, in which what is curated is not a set of objects but the museum experience itself."

Interactive museum marvels • 10am - midnight • October 14 • $15/ free for members
Portland Art Museum • 1219 SW Park • 503.226.2811

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 12, 2011 at 14:45 | Comments (0)


Monday 10.10.11

Bovee in Dwell


Just in case you hadn't heard, Katherine Bovee... who crucially helped design/develop PORT and wrote many fine reviews for us is featured along with her home in Dwell this month. It is available on newsstands now and fine periodical stores as well.

Congrats! We can hardly wait for the cutting captioning on Unhappy Hipsters to begin... Katherine has a wicked sense of humor of her own too. Harpoon House was featured in Portland Monthly last year for those who just want to click and read.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 10, 2011 at 22:41 | Comments (0)


Sunday 10.09.11

Philip Iosca at PNCA's Manuel Izquierdo Gallery


With all the attention on mass movements, the toppling of tyrants and an ultra polarized political climate in Congress it reminds me why I ultimately trust art more than people. Somehow art shrinks the world, giving greater freedom and agency to the individual's existential plight and perceptions (though it ultimately takes freedom to make art possible). Perhaps no exhibition in Portland illustrates that dynamic better than Philip Iosca's lastest show, "Hopefully I Become the Universe," at PNCA's often influential Manuel Izquierdo Gallery.

The show is powerful, restrained and ultimately heartbreaking through how it respectfully poses tough but poetic questions about suicide (perhaps the most loaded of existential decisions) by creating a series of open ended memorials for a handful of young men under extreme pressure. Individually, these young gay men decided to end it all in a string of deaths last year that shocked the nation. One year later, Philip Iosca noticed how these victims had begun to fade from the 15 minute news cycle and the national consciousness and just couldn't stop thinking about them.


Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 09, 2011 at 15:12 | Comments (0)


Saturday 10.08.11

Body Building at bSide6

fashion by Emily Ryan, installation shapes by Laurence Sarrazin (photo Jeff Jahn)

As part of the Portland Architecture and Design Festival 2011, Body Building explores how the body and design function in fashion and architecture as a kind of second skin in a kind of reciprocal engagement.

Artists: Brendan Coughlin, Christine Taylor, Emily Ryan, Hans Lindauer, Jennifer Jacobs, Laurence Sarrazin, Lisa Radon, Opulent Project.

Curated by Christine Taylor (with some input from myself) it takes place in the architecturally notable bSIDE6 building. Body Building is supported by The American Institute of Architects Portland, Project Cityscope, bSide6 llc, and House Spirits Distillery.

Body Building
Oct. 1 - Nov. 5 - street viewing
Oct. 8, 7 - 10, reception 21+ (I.D. required for entry)
528 E Burnside
Portland, Oregon

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 08, 2011 at 15:50 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 10.05.11

First Friday Picks October 2011

Nicolás Colón, "High Tide"

Cast your nets wide for 12128 boatspace, Portland's only sea-worthy vessel of art. San Francisco artist Nicolás Colón dreams hard in Paradise (untitled), "a utopian future where the language of form has become universal."

Opening reception • 7-10pm • October 7
12128 boatspace • 12900 NW Marina Way • see their website for directions

(More: What We Carried at Launch Pad, Mother My Son at Nationale, Narrative at Black Box, Malia Jensen at PNCA.)

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 05, 2011 at 12:05 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 10.04.11

First Thursday Picks October 2011

Philip Iosca; TROUBLE IN MIND & M.M. (detail), both 2011

PNCA presents a solo show by Philip Iosca. "HOPEFULLY I BECOME THE UNIVERSE contains works inspired by seven extraordinary young men from across the United States who independently and tragically ended their lives between July 9 and September 29, 2010 as a result of bullying they received for being openly gay or perceived as being gay."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • October 6
PNCA Manuel Izquierdo Gallery • Stagecraft Building • 1302 NW Kearney • 503.226.4391

(More: Robert Dozono at Blackfish, Melissa Loop at Breeze Block, PSU MFA candidates, PULP at PNCA, Wes Mills at PDX.)

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 04, 2011 at 14:01 | Comments (0)


Suzanne Cotter speaks at YU


YU presents an evening with Suzanne Cotter, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Curator for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project. It's the first in a series of talks by national and international arts leaders engaged in developing contemporary institutions outside established art centers.

"Cotter's extensive experience has given her a transnational perspective on the work of contemporary artists and what it means to curate visionary exhibitions and public programs within specific regional contexts and cultural traditions."

YU Director Sandra Percival joins Cotter in the discussion.

Lecture • 7pm • October 5 • sliding scale $5+, $3 for students, artists
YU Contemporary • 800 SE 10th • 503.236.7996

Posted by Kelly Kutchko on October 04, 2011 at 13:45 | Comments (1)


Monday 10.03.11

Brian Libby Films for A+D fest


As part of this year's Architecture and Design Festival curator Thomas Phillipson of NW Film Center presents the films of Brian Libby

Over the past decade, Brian Libby (also an architecture and art critic) has made a succession of acclaimed and award-winning short-form travelogue video. According to the press release, "Whether it's pigeons flocking around a local Portland dairy, a double-decker bus ride in London, the canals of Amsterdam and Copenhagen or the freeways of Los Angeles, Libby views urban and natural settings with a quiet sense of wonder." Brian will also, "discuss the ways his writing, videos and still photography overlap as one holistic view of great cities."

Screening • October 4, 6:00PM
AiA Center for Architecture • 403 NW 11th, Portland, OR

Posted by Jeff Jahn on October 03, 2011 at 14:59 | Comments (0)

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