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Thursday 09.30.10

First Friday Picks October 2010

Rebecca Steele and Posie Currin

NAAU presents The Image is Invisible, a collaborative installation of photography, video, and sculpture by Rebecca Steele and Posie Currin. "Using the collaboration process as a catalyst to demonstrate the exchange and transformation of ideas, The Image is Invisible looks at the way we, as individuals and as a society, combine, layer and separate meaning in every aspect of life. Steele and Currin are interested in the continuous process of recreating and deconstructing the image and the object through a practice that engages alchemical and theosophical methods."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • October 1
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny • 503.231.8294

(More: Friderike Heuer @ Pushdot, "Still" @ the Lone Fir Cemetery, members showcase @ Newspace.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 30, 2010 at 9:48 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 09.28.10

Last Thursday Picks September 2010

Vanessa Calvert

False Front presents Residue, a site-specific installation by Vanessa Calvert. The artist writes: "In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Residue presents the current recession as a period of ambiguous and uneasy change, with growth as an inevitable process that continues, despite the climate of contraction. A shift from consumption toward reuse forces the average American to develop new ways of working and living. Here, the couch acts as a totem for that person, forced out of their comfortable cocoon and into new forms."

Opening reception • 6-10pm • September 30
False Front • 4518 NE 32nd • 503.781.4609

(More: Nowhere collective @ Appendix, Terence Duvall @ Little Field, morgue photographs at Ampersand.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 28, 2010 at 11:18 | Comments (0)


Monday 09.27.10

Oregon Days of Culture

Photo by Carl Lohse

In celebration of National Arts & Humanities Month, the Oregon Cultural Trust presents Oregon Days of Culture, a celebration of the role of the arts, humanities, and heritage in our everyday lives. "You may be a medical researcher or a marketer or a student--but that's just a small part of the story. Confess: you love to dance; or you're working on a genealogy of your family; or you find comfort in the writing of timeless, old philosophers." Although we at PORT like to think we celebrate culture every day, the official 2010 "Days of Culture" are from October 1-8. Visit the Oregon Days of Culture website for more details and a schedule of events.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 27, 2010 at 9:18 | Comments (0)


Friday 09.24.10

Interview with Jessica Jackson Hutchins

Jessica Jackson Hutchins in her Studio, Portland, 2010

Jessica Jackson Hutchins' work is a mined animal. Its disparate elements are found and forged from the mud of surrounding detritus and soliloquy. Her work culls from a playful existentialism; Kafka telling a rare joke. It is raw and irreverent and does not adhere to trend or pomp but instead concentrates on a vibrant subterranean mythology. Hutchins is the conduit through which these things are born. They are seismic musings of the absurd and profound, informed by both philosophy and what it is to walk down the street. They are totemic fragments of the efforts to describe pain and joy as lived. They are the spiritual mud and love pie made by the freest child, who dips her hair in ink and, with the swank of the mime and the prophet, draws with it. As I walk into her studio, she purposefully presses a turquoise magnetic letter "C" to the surface of one of her piano prints to be shipped to London the following day. . . .(more)

Posted by Amy Bernstein on September 24, 2010 at 16:02 | Comments (3)


residencies, ideas, and cake

The Bemis Center in Omaha is seeking submissions for a 3-month artist residency of "uninterrupted, self-directed work time," which includes a monthly stipend. Deadline is September 30, get the details on their website.

Project Cityscope is seeking submissions to participate in Pecha Kucha Night volume 8, "exposure." The event will be part of AIA Portland's Architecture + Design Festival. Applications are due October 1. Learn more about the project and how to participate on their website.

Let them see cake! Blue Sky is celebrating their 35th birthday, and wants your photographs on their cake. Submissions are due October 1. Get the details on their website.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 24, 2010 at 15:17 | Comments (0)


Thursday 09.23.10

artist collaborations

The Guild Council at the Museum of Contemporary Craft is hosting an Artist Collaborations Night this Saturday. Local guild artists, Portland Etsy Team members, PNCA students and Crafty Wonderland participants are invited to collaborate on a piece of art together in conjunction with the upcoming MoCC show by Laurie Herrick. Be sure to visit the website for more info before showing up.

Art making • 6pm • September 25
Museum of Contemporary Craft • 724 NW Davis • 503.223.2654

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 23, 2010 at 11:23 | Comments (0)


Checking in with art writers

Jerry Saltz answers some basic but sticky questions about careerism, cronyism and elitism in the art world. These questions never go away but Jerry is doing a good thing by giving extremely practical and positive insight here. All art students should read this as Jerry's attitude is pretty healthy.

Tyler Green reports on an endangered Richard Serra in Canada , will it finally be protected?

PORT's Arcy Douglass has published a more personal essay on Robert Irwin. It's a followup to this PORT post but we felt it was a bit to personal for here. That said, if you follow Arcy and Robert Irwin you might want to check it out.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on September 23, 2010 at 11:15 | Comments (3)


Wednesday 09.22.10



Clark College's Archer Gallery presents Trait, "an exhibition of artwork exploring aspects ranging from literary devices to genetic characteristics and traits of physical location." Featured artists include Craig Dennen, Lilla Locurto and Bill Outcalt, Jack Dingo Ryan, and Ashley Sloan. The exhibition runs September 21 - October 23, 2010.

Opening reception • 5-7pm • September 25
Archer Gallery @ Clark College • 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA • Penguin Union Building

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 22, 2010 at 12:38 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 09.21.10

The Cremaster Cycle

Matthew Barney, film still

Everyone's favorite self-consciously weird art films are coming to Portland! Catch parts I-V of the Cremaster Cycle (not all at once, you masochist) at Cinema 21 starting this Friday and going through next Thursday. Series tickets are available - get the full schedule here.

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 21, 2010 at 17:30 | Comments (0)


Monday 09.20.10

CAA Entrepreneurship and Marketing Workshop

This Saturday September 25th at OCAC join myself; artist/architect James Harrison, Don Rood (FeltHat) and artist/curator Jenene Nagy for a CAA sponsored workshop on artist entreprenuership and marketing (at 9:00 am). In fact ours is just one of the four workshops and it is an all day event, good for networking and brainstorming in the fine or applied arts.

$15 for CAA members $25 non members
More info here

Posted by Jeff Jahn on September 20, 2010 at 15:47 | Comments (0)


Friday 09.17.10

Interview with Nina Katchadourian

Mended Spiderweb #8 (Fish Patch), Cibachrome, 20 x 20 inches, 1998

GW: You spent a lot of time in Northern Europe it seems?

NK: I have a mother who comes from Finland. So I have spent part of every summer of my life growing up there. It's a place that my family convenes in every year. It is a little island off the south coast. It's very, very far away mentally at least. from the rest of my life. Very different from Brooklyn where I live. This Island has, over the years, become a really important place for me to go to on occasion to make work. There are a lot of projects that...(more)

Posted by Gary Wiseman on September 17, 2010 at 14:52 | Comments (0)


Ellen Lesperance wins Betty Bowen and analysis

Portland's Ellen Lesperance is the 32nd winner of the Annual Betty Bowen Award and will have a solo show at the Seattle Art Museum beginning October 21st. Congratulations. Absolutely well deserved and a choice nobody saw coming (which is very good).

Analysis: an unexpected and very good choice but I sense a backlash is about to manifest itself begging the question, "must every regional art award in the Pacific Northwest genuflect in some way towards overtly craft oriented or hand made work?"

Not to be provocative, just articulating an observable trend that hasn't really kept up with new media. Obviously, craft is a valid and important part of contemporary art but it's not the whole picture, frankly its representation at the awards level is misleading. So I ask, when will video, photography and installation art that isn't fetishing craft outright be given its due at the Contemporary Northwest Art Awards, Betty Bowen (which did award photographer Isaac Layman a few years ago), Bonnie Bronson, Ford Fellowships? ie can any of these awards move beyond a predominantly laborious hand made (looking) world? This is the silicon forest after all, Portland and Seattle's economies are very tech-driven. In short, it's a question of accuracy in recognition since many of our non craft artists are internationally established.

The Pacific Northwest needs to be more conscious of ruts at the awards level.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on September 17, 2010 at 13:55 | Comments (3)


Thursday 09.16.10

Eva Speer's Landscaping at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art

From Eva Speer's Landscaping (L to R) Collection, Slipways #1 & #2

It's the Pacific Northwest, so of course there is a fascination with landscape. Just as the Hudson River School of painting, Ansel Adams, and the f64 photographers and artists who live in the Northwest have no choice but to be in awe of the nature that surrounds them. Those who agree with the previous statement may be unaware that such an assertion is political at best or, at worse, exclusionary. However, it is hardly more so than the opinion that within a progressive art history, landscape painting has been dead for over 150 years. Some may wonder why everything must be deemed political while others maintain that to ignore the political gives short shrift to an ethical awareness in artistic choices.

However, for some reason the argument persists less vociferously when the percentage of greenery overwhelms the total yardage of asphalt... (more)

Posted by Patrick Collier on September 16, 2010 at 8:32 | Comments (3)


NoStyle 6


The Art Dept presents NoStyle 6: "NoStyle began in 2003 as a gathering of artists at the University of Oregon who wanted an art celebration that lacked the formality of school functions. So they threw a party for which they made art. And the art that they made was reason to party. And so NoStyle was born." Many of the original artists still live and work in Portland, and are coming together for NoStyle 6, an exhibition and arty-party.

Art party • 6pm • September 17
Art Department • 1315 SE 9th • meredith@artdeptpdx.com

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 16, 2010 at 8:07 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 09.15.10

Art Spark: Oregon Cultural Trust

Photo by Carl Lohse

This month's Art Spark features the Oregon Cultural Trust presenting the upcoming Oregon Days of Culture. Learn about the hundreds of events coming up, enter a raffle for "cultural goodies," and snap your own "cultural confession photo" in a booth created by Tatiana Wills.

Art chat • 5-7pm • September 16
Art Spark @ Director Park • SW Park & Yamhill

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 15, 2010 at 9:04 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 09.14.10

back to school: Art Gym & White Box

Motoya Nakamura, portrait of Damali Ayo

The Marylhurst Art Gym is celebrating 30 years of "exhibitions, publications, and conversations about contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest" with Album--Artist Portraits of Artists. The show includes photographs, paintings, drawings and prints by 28 artists depicting over 180 Oregon artists. The exhibition presents "a small cross section of the thousands of artists working among us." The main Gallery Talk is still date TBD; RSVP to events@marylhurst.edu to attend the Gala Celebration.

Exhibition • September 14 - October 27, 2010
Gala Celebration • September 30
Marylhurst University Art Gym • 17600 Pacific Highway, Marylhurst, OR • 503.699.6243

Isami Ching & Garrick Imatani

UO Portland's White Box presents Songs of the Willamette River, "a multimedia exhibition exploring the themes of expedition and discovery." Artists Isami Ching (art prof at UO) & Garrick Imatani (art prof at L&C) took a 5-day journey down the Willamette in a hand-built canoe to experience the landscape in a "pre-modern" way. Together they "visualize the river as a conduit and repository for (mis)communication and myth, where poetic connections are drawn between voyage, heroic exploration and artistic discovery." The show runs September 14 - October 9, 2010.

Opening reception • 6-8pm • September 16
White Box @ White Stag Building • 24 NW 1st

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 14, 2010 at 9:00 | Comments (0)


Monday 09.13.10

Collecting Photography

Imogen Cunningham, Calla Leaves, 1929, PAM photo collection

The third Wednesday of every month, PAM's Photography Council gives an informal lunchtime presentation. This week they're presenting a panel on curating and collecting featuring Julia Dolan, Charles Hartman, and Jim Winkler and moderated by Jennifer Stoots.

Photography panel • 12-1pm • September 15
Portland Art Museum • 1219 SW Park • 503.226.2811

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 13, 2010 at 9:45 | Comments (0)


Friday 09.10.10

get busy this fall

Some art opportunities to get you started this season:

Launch Pad has announced their call for artists for their big November group show. Space fills up really fast, so sign up for their "Artist call" mailing list here to get the word early, or check their website soon.

(More: The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, Hot Once Inch Action, bSIDE6.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 10, 2010 at 8:38 | Comments (0)


Thursday 09.09.10

Second Weekend Picks September 2010

In addition to TBA:10, there are several good shows opening this weekend:


Worksound presents a 3-part exhibition: Kim Donaldson's Trash'N'Treasure, Michael Zheng's The Distance Between You and Me, and Laura Fritz's Intrus. "Kim Donaldson in an artist and curator who exhibits widely in Australia and internationally...San Francisco-based conceptual artist Michael Zheng was born and grew up in China...his work often takes the form of situational intervention, sculpture or performance...Portland-based Laura Fritz may well be one of the West Coast's most mysterious video/installation artists, known for employing light to simultaneously fascinate and repulse viewers."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • September 11
Worksound • 820 SE Alder • mojomodou@gmail.com

(More: Mark de Kok @ Gallery Homeland & Henk Pander @ Disjecta.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 09, 2010 at 11:18 | Comments (0)


Wednesday 09.08.10


Tae Won Yu

The Land Gallery presents a mini-retrospective of Tae Won Yu. They're exhibiting 15 years of illustration by this Korean-American artist, who's best known for "defining the visual style" of 90s rock bands such as Built to Spill and Kicking Giant. In addition to posters, prints, and book and album covers, the show will include his personal work spanning his childhood in Japan to his teenage years in New York.

Opening reception • 6pm • September 10
Land Gallery • 3925 N Mississippi • 503.451.0689

Carson Ellis

Nationale presents Carson Ellis' Dillweed's Revenge. Celebrating the release of Dillweed's Revenge: A deadly Dose of Magic, Nationale will exhibit original illustrations from the book by Ellis, written by Florence Parry Heide in the 1970s and published now for the first time. The book has already received a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. "Delightfully macabre, Ellis' acclaimed illustrations are a perfect match to Heide's dark and witty writing style."

Opening reception • 6-8pm • September 10
Artist talk & book signing • 6pm • September 19
Nationale • 811 E Burnside Suite 112 • 503.477.9786

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 08, 2010 at 9:10 | Comments (0)


Tuesday 09.07.10

Laura Hughes at Appendix

Laura Hughes 2010 The Span of an Instant

I saw a beautiful piece at the Appendix Gallery: Here is a link to a piece Laura Hughes did in the Portland Building. Yes, it is much like Mary Temple's work, that you might have seen at Western Bridge but Hughes has the audacity to twist the screw... (More)

Posted by Alex Rauch on September 07, 2010 at 7:22 | Comments (0)


TBA:10 Visual Arts Picks

PICA Time Based Arts Festival 2010 TBA:10

In case you've been hiding under a rock: TBA:10 is (practically) here! PICA's 8th annual Time Based Arts Festival celebrates contemporary art in many of its glorious, sometimes time-based forms. Although the scope of TBA is much broader than PORT's focus, we like to chime in with some of the visual arts events/installations (and some cinema) that we're most excited about. Get the full schedule and ticketing information from PICA here. And since we've certainly left something out, remind us in the comments. On to our picks!

(Click "

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 07, 2010 at 6:36 | Comments (1)


Monday 09.06.10


Léonie Guyer, Untitled, No. 63

Reed's Cooley Gallery presents ABSTRACT, curated by Stephanie Snyder. "Abstract and non-objective artistic methodologies are most often associated with modernism and the European and Russian avant-garde; but visual and material abstraction has flourished for millennia, globally, as an essential human activity. ABSTRACT brings together the work of three contemporary women artists inspired by the breadth of abstraction's spiritual, esoteric, and ritualistic dimensions." The exhibition runs September 4 - December 5, 2010 and will include a public symposium with Stephanie Snyder, poet Bill Berkson, exhibition artists Léonie Guyer and Lynne Woods Turner, and Portland artist Michelle Ross.

Opening reception • 6pm • September 8
Cooley Gallery • 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd • Reed Library

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 06, 2010 at 19:03 | Comments (0)


Saturday 09.04.10

R. Crumb and the larger Portland comix community by Mariel DeLacy

“When I hear old music, its one of the few times I have a kind of looove for humanity. You hear the best part of the soul of the common people. You know – It’s their way of expressing their connection to eternity or whatever you want to call it...” -Robert Crumb from Terry Zwigoff’s documentary, Crumb.

R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis at the Portland Art Museum and places that sell comic books

Robert Crumb’s fans may have said the same thing about his cartoons in the 1960s and 1970s capturing the “spirit of the times.” Reverend Ivan Stang thrived off of Crumb’s common people soul expressed through his crude depictions of women, black people, or hippies that essentially evoked... (more)

Kaebel Hashitani at Sequential Gallery (photo Jeff Jahn)

Posted by Guest on September 04, 2010 at 13:53 | Comments (0)


Friday 09.03.10

First Friday Picks September 2010

Still, Gimme Shelter (1970)

Fourteen30 presents It was never about the audience, new videos, photographs, and sculptures by Mike Bray. The project "continues his investigations into a self-inflicted cinematic space. Bray recontextualizes time, frame by frame, collapsing and expanding the spectacle through the idiom of cinema. In It was never about the audience, the 1970 Rolling Stones documentary 'Gimme Shelter' acts as the material from which Bray pulls both his conceptual and visual landscape."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • September 3
Fourteen30 Contemporary • 1430 SE 3rd • 503.236.1430

(More: CENTER Choice Award winners at Newspace, Stewart Harvey at 23 Sandy, Barbara Tetenbaum at Reed's Feldenheimer, Art in the Pearl.)

Posted by Megan Driscoll on September 03, 2010 at 9:10 | Comments (0)


Thursday 09.02.10

Opinion Links

Architecture Daily considers the reaction to the curtain wall for Jean Nouvel's now iconic Vision Machine in Chelsea. I think it's brilliant to design an exterior first and foremost from the ideas that form the interior. It will hold up very well, like the Marina City apartments in Chicago.

Tyler Green asks who you would like to see make a new public art piece in your city? We have Kenny Scharf and a pretty crappy Judy Pfaff here in Portland... who would you like? The tops of my list are Anish Kapoor, Robert Irwin and an outdoor Jennifer Steinkamp video projection.

Posted by Jeff Jahn on September 02, 2010 at 10:07 | Comments (3)

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