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Thursday 01.23.14

« Ponderables? | Main | Friday Links »

To see in January

January is almost over but there are some great chances to catch up on what you should see in the next few days.


The "must see" thing in Portland right now is the excellent Francis Bacon Triptych on view at the Portland Art Museum. As luck would have it the museum is free on Friday night from 5-8PM. Do it, anybody who thinks there is a figurative painting more worthy of your attention in Oregon simply doesn't know very much about visual art.

Kara Walker at the JSMA

Also happening on Friday 6-8PM the Jordan Schnitzer Museum in Eugene is presenting, Emancipating the Past: Kara Walker's Tales of Slavery and Power, from January 25 to April 6. A MacArthur Fellow, Walker is perhaps America's premier artist when it comes to the untidy history of race and power. Also, this show is more extensive the the 2012 show at Reed College, featuring 60 objects from the Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation collections.

The programs associated with the show are world class, including a lecture with Robert Storr (March 6th). Storr debuted Walker's first video piece at his 2004 Site Santa Fe Biennial among other things so check out the complete list here.

Paul Clay, Leda and the Swan

Another event for your busy Friday, Paul Clay will be speaking about his interactive video art piece Leda and the Swan from 4-5PM at the Portland building, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue.

Nick Grasso at Lewis and Clark College

Nick Grasso has a very short term exhibition which opens tonight January 23rd from 5-7PM at Lewis and Clark College's Arnold Gallery.

It consists of three sculptures and is titled, I AIN'T NO FREAKIN' MONUMENT TO JUSTICE! I LOST MY HAND! I LOST MY BRIDE!, a reference from the movie Moonstruck... that alone got my attention as it is perhaps the best romantic comedy ever (and I generally detest romantic comedies). Through January 26th. 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road

Ted Vogel at the Hoffman Gallery, Lewis and Clark College

Also at Lewis and Clark College, star profs Ted Vogel and Debra Beers are exhibiting at the excellent Hoffman Gallery. Runs through March 9th, opening Reception 5-7PM, 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road

Bean Gilsdorf at PNCA

Bean Gilsdorf's new show, An Exhibition That Might Exist at PNCA's Feldman Gallery may be some artist's worst nightmare... an art writer whose review reviews itself while taking up valuable exhibition space and critical resources. It may be a dog hunting its own tail in academia but you gotta like the curatorial pluck here, parasitic press indeed. Opening reception January 23rd 6-8PM, through February 28th.


The best audiences for painters are often other painters so it is always nice to see a group show dance off. Flatlands at Nisus Gallery is another such situation and features: Emily Counts, Michael Endo, Tia Factor, Jack Featherly, Grant Hottle, Ruth Lantz, Daniela Molnar, Calvin Ross Carl, and Roy Tomlinson. Curated by Kendra Larson it opens Sayrday January 25th from 6-9PM, show runs through march 2nd at 8371 N Interstate, Suite #1

Posted by Jeff Jahn on January 23, 2014 at 13:27 | Comments (0)


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