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Hoffman Gallery Changes at Lewis and Clark?

2016's Open This End at the Hoffman Gallery (L to R) Jack Pierson, Andy Warhol, Agnes Martin, Tony Smith and Rita Mcbride

**There will be updates as they come in

Lewis and Clark College, known for being perhaps the most liberal of all of Portland's Liberal Arts Colleges has decided to "change....toward a more student-centered and student-responsive gallery experience at the end of this school year." That means their excellent curator Linda Tesner has been laid off and according to the school, "we plan to look for a faculty member to lead that process." The question remains is that a professional curator? Linda did shows of startling international caliber but also mounted excellent student and faulty shows that all benefited from a higher level of competence. Portland institutions are terrible at assessing caliber of cultural programs and it will be very difficult for this development to not become a downgrade. How does an institution that touts itself as, "A private college with a public conscience," defend an inward navel gazing + likely cost saving measure? How do the today's students feel now that they are being expected to program their own art experience when for 20 years previous students had a very interactive, socially conscious high caliber professional curator?

At first I heard that the space was closing at the end of the school year, which seemed incredibly short sighted as this is one of the jewels in Portland's cultural scene and nothing could be more crucial to a Liberal Arts education than the actual "Arts." For years there has been bureaucratic pressure (like renting the gallery space etc.) but now the director+curator Linda Tesner has been laid off, despite having done an excellent job curating shows like: The world class: Open this End and this stunner and Alison Saar. Reading between the lines this move seems to devalue the curatorial expertise and contributions just like the the closure of the White Box did to their director. (Changing leadership when someone is doing a great job and is popular always looks odd to art critics). Then there was the way the Art Gym's cancelled move to OCAC displaced longtime OCAC staff (its bad to have institutions displacing each other). I can say I never heard L&C art students complain that the Hoffman wasnt challenging or current or engaged enough, the opposite actually. Instead, it was without a doubt one of the best run spaces in the West Coast but always seemed to lack support from some higher ups. Will that change? contact L&C's president and tell them what you think: The irony is deep as now L&C President Wim Weiwel will have the main gallery of PSU's new art museum named after him and I know for a fact he likes attending art exhibitions.

Many in the arts community consider this a crushing blow and an act of philistinism in a school with an otherwise enlightened reputation that is being tarnished, needlessly. True this is happening all over the country but L&C is a wealthy with a very progressive reputation. This is extremely unfortunate and The Hoffman rightly drew accoclades from Peter Plagens in the Wall Street Journal in 2012 for its student exhibition.

Alumni Response:
2012 graduate Drew Linehan described the news as, "remarkably disappointing."

2003 graduate Leah Emkin was shocked saying, "The Hoffman was an integral part of our arts program. Linda was very inspirational as a woman leader in the arts."

Other Alumni indicated how the Hoffman under Tesner made the campus less isolated and brought the world to the wealthy enclave in the West Hills. How does looking more inward institutionally help a supposedly ultra-liberal arts college? Something does not sit right... a bit like a big hospital without a surgeon and replacing them with a part time medic. It just isnt the same thing unless the caliber of director remains and from everything I heard over the years it may have contributed to some bureaucratic aca-envy. Linda's program mounted large scale shows for local artists and L&C faculty as well as international artists. This exhibition and cultural exchange with Cuban artists and L&C students is a prime example of the great things Linda did that apparently was not valued.

What this seems to be is a bureaucratic push for a different director so the question must be will it be be for someone of comparable expertise and program of comparable caliber? With the loss of so many institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Craft, White Box, Newspace, Art Gym etc. it seems like depth of long term curatorial experience that informs challenging shows doesnt seem to be valued very much. Agendas in higher ed can be some of the most political. Yet, what I liked about Linda is she was one of the most fair minded people in the art scene. The arts arent just a mouthpiece, they are an exploration and I'll be watching this closely. What is sure here is that Linda leaves very large shoes to fill as the Hoffman is not a tiny gallery. It is a large museum style space that requires a lot of experience and preparations to program. Its not the sort of space a faculty member can just pull off as a side gig and in general I fear for the state of L&C's art program.

Lastly, let's all go and show our support this weekend. The current exhibition is one of their all time best and will host a closing event on Sunday December 9th from 2-4PM with a Gallery Talk and Pie Tutorial.

Loss of Material Evidence | September 8 - December 9
Hoffman Gallery
Lewis and Clark College

Posted in PORT: on December 4, 2018 12:30 PM

Newspace Closure? & Analysis


This past weekend the Portland art scene was shocked to learn that Newspace Center for Photography was closing its doors. There hasn't been a formal statement about what happened from the board but the fact that a "for lease" sign has gone up on the building is a clue that it relates to their building. The board and staff was apparently working hard to find a solution so everyone is quite interested in what will be said today at 7:00PM in an open information session. Hopefully they are still considering alternatives like a move or reconstituting of the organization in a different form because their program has been socially engaged and excellent at a time when Portland absolutely requires it. If you care about photography and social engagement in Portland it would be wonderful to sit in and offer your 2 cents. Arts orgs die because of neglect and perhaps this shock treatment can spearhead support?

For some context, Portland has a terrible history of simply ending longstanding and very popular exhibition programs like the PCVA, PICA at their old Weiden + Kennedy Space (something they haven't yet fully recovered from with a consistent and diverse year round visual arts program... their new home does hold promise though), the New American Art Union, Portland Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Craft and the just 2011 when Newspace moved into this exciting new space. Obviously fundraising in Portland is challenging... there is a certain benign neglect (that isn't benign) and an aversion to leadership and strong vision that makes our art organizations bleed into each other as it is typical for 5 or more organizations to work together on a project. This leads to difficulty reaching donors who cant tell who does what? There is also a huge shift taking place in the way traditional art organizations are being used and supported.

*Update Details about the closure came out in the Oregonian. First off, that is never the correct way to close an institution... you issue a more detailed statement, not a town hall leaving the news sources to sort it out. Second, it looks like the lease was not the issue, instead it is the model. Relying on classes for revenue is a dicey proposition and most of the art schools around the country are facing decreased enrollments. What's more this was more of a skill center rather than a degree oriented institution so their courses are competing with online guides.... (more click below for more analysis)

Newspace Closing Remarks? • 7:00PM • July 10th
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

Posted in PORT: on July 10, 2017 01:48 PM

Artist Op's

NordArt 17 is looking for applicants for their contemporary art exhibition and symposium in Germany (there is no fee). Deadline: November 30, 2016

Upfor Gallery has teamed with NYC's Eyebeam to create a AR/VR residency (with housing) in this emerging genre (virtual reality). Portland is a hub for this important new media. Deadline: October 21, 2016 PORT has always pushed for new media and technology.

Newspace Center for Photography has an interesting call for artists utilizing images and history (not just traditional photography). At a time when Portland is changing so quickly this is a much needed Project. Deadline: November 7, 2016

The PNCA managed Leland Ironworks residencies are open to both emerging artists and mid career ones. Deadline: October 31, 2016

Posted in PORT: on October 20, 2016 01:05 PM


It is nearing the end of the year, time to apply yourself by applying for these artist opportunities:

With its fantastic setting and facilities OCAC's Golden Spot Residency is one of the most interesting for Oregon residents. Deadline: November 30th

Seattle's Scott Lawrimore is curating the 2015 Bellingham National Art Exhibition and Awards at the Whatcom Art Museum. Open to all artists working in the USA. $35 Deadline February 9 2015


Posted in PORT: on November 19, 2014 08:48 PM

Publish that photo book?

Newspace is kicking off the year with a free talk by photobook specialist Daniel Milnor and publisher Darius Himes this Saturday.

"Through extensive examples drawn from their personal work and experiences, and from a compelling survey of contemporary artist books, Milnor and Himes will open your eyes to the diversity of the international photobook scene."

Photobook talk: January 5 | 7- 9 PM
Newspace | 1632 SE 10th Ave

Posted in PORT: on January 4, 2013 08:26 PM

PICA's new headquarters

PICA's new headquarters

I'm burying the hatchet because this space gives me reason to believe in PICA again but first a little history. In 2004 PICA shuttered its once excellent visual art program, which under curator Stuart Horodner presented the likes of Janine Antoni, William Pope L. Dana Shutz, Melanie Manchot, Jim Hodges, Tony Tasset and Rudolf Stingel... and if that sounds like the most interesting nonprofit exhibition space north of San Francisco it is because it was. What's more the space was large but not unwieldy space designed by Brad Cloepfil, long before... (more)

Posted in PORT: on April 13, 2012 01:54 PM

2011 in the rear view mirror

Kyle Thompson, I Hate The Sound of Guitars A: No Survivors at Recess (photo Jeff Jahn)

2011 was an interesting year that saw a lot of strong shows in the numerous university galleries and a bunch of new artists to watch. In many ways though it lacked 2010's punch (much missed were NAAU's experimental yet well conceived non-commercial shows and a satisfying major museum exhibition) so it seemed almost preparatory for 2012. Still, with solo and group shows by Martin Kippenberger, Philip Iosca, Damien Gilley and Jordan Tull, Adam Sorensen, Marieke Verbiesen, Zachary Davis, Laura Hughes, David Eckard, Midori Hirose, Matt McCormick and a few wild shows at Rock's Box and 12128 it was still a strong year. With all of the constant attention for Portlandia and Grimm it also seemed like Portland is simply a hotter topic than it has ever been before.

The Budd Clark Commons was a major architectural moment for the city.

University galleries like the Archer Gallery, the White Box, Linfield, The Feldman Gallery, the Cooley and PSU's Littman kept things lively but alt spaces like Worksound, Appendix, Half/Dozen, Falsefront, Rock's Box, Gallery Homeland (who staged a show in Houston too), Recess, Place and 12128 were where the stars of the future could be found.

Who to watch in 2012 based on their 2011 break out: Kyle Thompson... (much more)

Posted in PORT: on December 31, 2011 11:24 PM

Friday links

Well, the art world's still in the predictable post ABMB entertainment/money confluence backlash mode but as I pointed out just before the East Coast/Saatchi started publishing screeds... it really does matter how the artist and institutions lay the ground rules (Alfredo Jaar requires carte blanche). Here's the latest:

Anselm Kiefer (sometimes one of my favorite artists) believes art is, "not entertainment." Well he's right when it comes to his art, but there is certainly room for entertainment in art... for example Paul McCarthy's and Richard Serra's sheer audacity is entertaining. By simply suspending the humdrum of the everyday an artist can create big A "Art". In Kiefer's case he's working within an exceedingly serious historical discussion and his show at Tate Modern along with the New Clifford Still Museum are foregrounding a much needed counterpoint to the sometimes grating follies of art. I like to think of it as very responsible "older brother art". Maybe I'm just projecting... I am the oldest in my family so; Still, Judd, Newman, Serra, Martin and Kiefer all appeal to my "seriousness" fetish. Which isnt to say I don't enjoy classic Damien Hirst, Murakami, Tracey Emin and Jason Rhoades as art brats who fulfilled the need to laugh a little bit at how we fetish seriousness/higher aspirations.

Linda Yablonsky addresses the Miami hangover directly.

Edward Winkleman addresses Yablonsky and does a nice job of discussing the 99% and the influence of money. Though I think he's wrong about the naming rights superseding the work that director's do in the history books. For example if the Menil's can't overshadow Walter Hopps legacy in the history books... then no one can! At the Portland Art Museum both the current... (more)

Posted in PORT: on December 9, 2011 12:09 PM

First Friday December 2011

Jesse Reiser's Christmas in America series

Newspace promises to have the most irony laden festivities of the weekend... tis the season you know! A solo show of Jesse Reiser's Christmas in America series puts the holiday season in the proper perspective. Also, Newspace will be showing Chris Willis' personal collection of illuminated plastic Christmas figurines. Lastly, to keep things extra festive they invite you to wear your over the top Christmas sweaters at the opening. This can't miss! Reiser also gives a talk on Saturday at 1 PM as well.

Christmas in America • 6-9PM • Dec 2nd
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

... (more: Worksound, Half/Dozen, galleryHOMELAND)

Posted in PORT: on December 2, 2011 12:04 PM

First Friday Picks November 2011

Andrea Land, "Angelina," 2011

Newspace presents In My Room, photographs by Andrea Land. "Each young girl, while physically existing in the natural world, also thrives in another realm, an insular dream state, with her gaze turned inward. The photographs exist as both fictional and autobiographical creations."

Over in the special exhibitions gallery, Lisa Wells and Bobby Abrahamson present The 45th Parallel, a documentary project profiling three endangered rural towns in Oregon.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • November 4
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

(More: Travis Wade at Launch Pad, Tia Factor at Half/Dozen, Edward Jeffrey Kriksciun at Nationale, folk textiles at the Japanese Garden.)

Posted in PORT: on November 4, 2011 02:41 PM

First Friday Picks September 2011

SBA installation at RECESS

RECESS kicks off its new quarters in the Oregon Brass Works building with The Space-Based Arts Festival. Featuring Hannah Jickling, Zoe Stal, Derek Bourcier, Kyle Thompson and Weston Smith, this inaugural show examines that yawning astral sphere in which we all negotiate our lives.

"'Space' is all-encompassing. Its parameters are so inclusive that is ceases to be meaningful. Well, it doesn't have to be meaningful to have a very serious impact on our day to day— both by tripping us up, giving us a surface to stand on, and all the stuff in between."

Opening reception • 6:30-10pm • September 2
RECESS • 1127 SE 10th • 954.579.6105

(More: still life photos at Black Box, Gary Wiseman at Half/Dozen, Johnston Foster at Disjecta, Lauren Henkin at Newspace.)

Posted in PORT: on September 1, 2011 07:03 PM

New Digs at Newspace


Newspace Center for Photography celebrates its grand expansion with an open house. Curator Raymond Meeks leads a tour of the 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, and you can try your hand at a variety of photo processes while checking out the spankin' new darkrooms, digital labs and galleries. The opening also marks the release of Newspace's retrospective photography book, which looks back at nine years of artists and gallery exhibitions.

Opening reception • 11-4pm • August 13
Exhibition tour • 1pm
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

Posted in PORT: on August 12, 2011 05:45 PM

First Weekend Picks August 2011


Worksound presents Identity Paintings, "a new generation of painters in Portland who promise to impact the next decade." This is Worksound's last show before it begins a new residency program, which invites four artists in different media to engage in conversation with critics and audiences before culminating in a final exhibit.

Works by Katie Allred, Jeremy Okai Davis, Gavin Eveland, Luke Fuller, Dorothy Goode, Ruth Lantz, Chelsea Linehan, Elizabeth Malaska, Devon Maldanado and Alexis Sarah Rittenhouse.

Opening reception • 7pm • August 5
Worksound • 820 SE Alder •

(More: Ellen Jane Michael & Megan Scheminske at Half/Dozen, Rebecca Steele & Modou Dieng at FalseFront, Body of Knowledge Part II at Gallery Homeland, juried photo exhibition at Newspace.)

Posted in PORT: on August 4, 2011 06:04 PM

Eddie Soloway at Newspace

Image courtesy of artist

Newspace presents "Memories, Moons, and Imagination," a lecture tonight by landscape photographer Eddie Soloway. Soloway, who harnesses the intuitive and emotional in his own work, will use behind-the-scene peeks to discuss "pushing sight into a world of abstractions, reflections, layers, and movement."

Artist lecture • 7:30-9pm • July 22
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

Posted in PORT: on July 22, 2011 03:04 PM

artists wanted: photography, digital media, public art

Newspace is seeking submissions for their 7th annual juried exhibition, juried by Raymond Meeks. All photographic themes and processes are welcome, but the work should be from the past five years. The deadline is June 18, and details are on the Newspace website.

The Oregon Arts Commission and the Regional Arts & Culture Council are developing a joint Oregon Public Arts Roster. Submissions are due July 1, and you can learn more the project and how to submit with this PDF.

Reed College is looking for a digital/photo media assistant for the art department. Applications are due June 17, and you can view the job posting here.

Posted in PORT: on June 8, 2011 04:47 PM

First Weekend Picks May 2011

Exhibition preparation at the PCVA, image ©PAM

The YU Contemporary Art Center presents its inaugural exhibition, Selections From the PCVA Archive. The show will "revisit and honor the legacy of the PCVA and look into a vibrant and important moment in the history of contemporary art in Portland, providing historical context for YU and inspiring a forward-looking vision for a world-class contemporary art center in the city." The show will also launch the YU library and its first publication, Veneer Magazine 08/18.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • May 6
YU Contemporary • 800 SE 10th • 503.236.7996

(More: Paulaus Kapteyn at Nationale, On&On&On part II at Ditch Projects, fringe economies at Newspace.)

Posted in PORT: on May 5, 2011 05:23 PM

Plethora Lucida

Jim Neidhardt at Blackfish (install photo Jeff Jahn)

Next month is National Photography Month, but Portland, over-lapping like a temporal Rule of Thirds into May, has jumped the gun with “Photolucida.” A large number of area galleries are participating, and it is safe to say that there is a little something for every taste; and given the growing popularity of photography, there should be a bump in attendance, and perhaps in sales. However... (more)

Posted in PORT: on April 22, 2011 10:36 AM

First Weekend Picks April 2011

Avantika Bawa

Disjecta presents Score., a new installation by Avantika Bawa. "Score. explores the making, breaking and rearranging of rules, strategies, structures and histories. Examining the past use of Disjecta's building, Bawa amplifies the working mechanism and occasional failures of systems through the creation of an abstract and altered Bowling Alley."

Opening reception • 6-10pm • April 2
Artist talk + happy hour • 6-9pm • April 22
Disjecta • 8371 N Interstate • 503.286.9449

(More: Critical Mass 2010 selections at Newspace, Emily Nachison at False Front, Gary Robbins at Appendix, Jaik Faulk at Nationale, Jessica Reaves at Golden Rule.)

Posted in PORT: on March 31, 2011 12:55 PM

students + photographers

Orlo, a local environmental arts nonprofit, is throwing itself an 18th birthday party, and asking Portland's student artists to participate. Accepted artwork will be exhibited during the event and entered into a silent auction. Artists get a free ticket + 1 and 20% of sales proceeds. (For what it's worth: These sorts of deals are terrible for established artists, and we here at PORT usually skip 'em. But for student artists, it's not such a bad way to get yourself out there.) Submissions should loosely address the theme "Food and Landscape." Work is due by December 2, and you should contact for details because the call for artists isn't on their website.

The Texas Photographic Society is hosting its third photographic portfolio competition juried by Chris Bennett, director of Newspace. Two portfolios will be featured, one by an emerging photographer and one by a mid-career photographer. Entrants must be current members of TPS. The deadline is December 13, and you can learn more on their website.

Posted in PORT: on November 14, 2010 05:48 PM

First Friday Picks October 2010

Rebecca Steele and Posie Currin

NAAU presents The Image is Invisible, a collaborative installation of photography, video, and sculpture by Rebecca Steele and Posie Currin. "Using the collaboration process as a catalyst to demonstrate the exchange and transformation of ideas, The Image is Invisible looks at the way we, as individuals and as a society, combine, layer and separate meaning in every aspect of life. Steele and Currin are interested in the continuous process of recreating and deconstructing the image and the object through a practice that engages alchemical and theosophical methods."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • October 1
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny • 503.231.8294

(More: Friderike Heuer @ Pushdot, "Still" @ the Lone Fir Cemetery, members showcase @ Newspace.)

Posted in PORT: on September 30, 2010 09:48 AM

First Friday Picks September 2010

Still, Gimme Shelter (1970)

Fourteen30 presents It was never about the audience, new videos, photographs, and sculptures by Mike Bray. The project "continues his investigations into a self-inflicted cinematic space. Bray recontextualizes time, frame by frame, collapsing and expanding the spectacle through the idiom of cinema. In It was never about the audience, the 1970 Rolling Stones documentary 'Gimme Shelter' acts as the material from which Bray pulls both his conceptual and visual landscape."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • September 3
Fourteen30 Contemporary • 1430 SE 3rd • 503.236.1430

(More: CENTER Choice Award winners at Newspace, Stewart Harvey at 23 Sandy, Barbara Tetenbaum at Reed's Feldenheimer, Art in the Pearl.)

Posted in PORT: on September 3, 2010 09:10 AM

First Friday Picks July 2010

Jeff Jahn VM (Nouvel), 2009

NAAU presents Vection, installations, photography and essay by PORTstar publisher and co-founder Jeff Jahn: "Im interested in civilization/wilderness and its interactive by-products (like culture, housing, design and landfills). Since 2006 my work has increasingly made use of recycled materials and design motifs as a digestion of the present challenges at the intersection of man and nature or where concept meets its execution. According to Jahn the recycled materials invite, 'a discussion around opportunity costs surrounding the definition and use of the built environment and its integration (successful or not) into the larger ecosystem.' The new works for Vection further this inquiry and the accompanying essay of the same name is intended to contextualize an important thread of work that has been being produced in Portland and beyond as well."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • July 2
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny • 503.231.8294


Posted in PORT: on July 1, 2010 10:04 AM

First Friday Picks June 2010

Bailey Winters, "After the Explosion..."

NAAU presents Bailey Winters' Ambush: The Story of the TDA. The exhibition "depicts a fictionalized revolutionary group living on the West Coast of the United States in the early years of the twenty-first century. Winters' paintings, and their accompanying narrative titles, explore the personal dynamics at work in the underground political party. In particular, Winters examines the organization's final decision to refuse a non-violent alternative and instead continue with militant reaction."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • June 4
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny • 503.231.8294

(More: Cadence at Worksound, (Not) So Bright Please at Nationale, Teri Fullerton at Newspace, and PORTstar Jascha Owens at Launch Pad.)

Posted in PORT: on June 3, 2010 12:54 PM

First Friday Picks March 2010

Stefano Minzi

Gallery Homeland presents Guten Tag Meine Fruende, a collection of six contemporary emerging and established artists living and working in Berlin. The show grew out of the ongoing relationship Gallery Homeland has been building over the past 6 months with the creative community of Berlin. Featured artists include Nicole Cohen, Ali Fitzgerald, Stefano Minzi, Holger Pohl, Adam Raymont, and Katharina Trudzinski.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • March 5
Gallery Homeland • 2505 SE 11th Ave •

(More: Transverse at Worksound, Incubate at PNCA's Hybrid Gallery, Susan Burnstine at Newspace, and Midori Hirose at the new Nationale.)

Posted in PORT: on March 4, 2010 05:00 PM

First Friday Picks February 2010


Fourteen30 presents DARK: A SHOW TO WINTER, curated by the Blood Rainbow Family. "Opening during the dead of a Portland winter, Dark will include work that addresses and/or reflects this outside environment. [The street.] The grim, the cold and the black will mingle with the solitary, the contemplative and the transcendent. Explorations of dark and winter drawn from both a common visual culture, as well as more personal voids, will work together to bring the vast, seemingly endless dark winter into the confines of the gallery space." Featured artists include Sebastian Gogel, Matthew Green, Frank Haines | Francis Heinzfeller, Alex Hubbard, Arnold Kemp, Alicia Love McDaid, Thomas Moecker, Jo Nigoghossian, Sven Stuckenschmidt, and Molly Vidor.

(More: Kendra Larson + Kurtiss Lofstrom at Gallery Homeland, Corey Smith at Worksound, annual juried theme show at Newspace, Down + Out at 23 Sandy.)

Posted in PORT: on February 4, 2010 12:21 PM

Second Friday Picks January 2010

Blue Mitchell

Newspace presents New Work by Blue Mitchell, who "burns his negatives, distorting natural landscapes into painterly, surreal scenes. The images are applied as acrylic lifts to birch panels, and then varnished. Mitchell aims to move beyond a simply two-dimensional perspective with his photographs, in an attempt to more accurately express his true experience of the landscapes he photographs."

Corey Davis

Landscapes, Materialized by Corey Davis is also at Newspace this month. The exhibition features "beautifully abstract, minimalistic images of coffee grounds in the bottom of Japanese teacups... The landscape-like images invoke calming, meditative spaces."

Opening receptions • 7-10pm • January 8
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

Liz Obert, installation view of Mapping Marnay-sur-Seine

The Alpern Gallery presents Liz Obert's Mapping Marnay-sur-Seine. From the artist: "The piece relates a sense of place to the viewer by looking solely at the details or micro-images of this village... We learn about our world by taking it apart whether it’s by dissecting an animal, collecting archeological artifacts or analyzing a poem."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • January 8
Alpern Gallery • 2552 NW Vaughn • 503.477.7721

Posted in PORT: on January 7, 2010 03:52 PM

First Friday Picks September 2009


Fourteen30 presents LA-based artist Bobbi Woods. She "culls from the glut of ready-made images crowding our collective consciousness, resulting in 2-D and video works that simultaneously bait and beguile."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • September 4
Fourteen 30 Contemporary • 1430 SE 3rd • 503.236.1430


Posted in PORT: on September 3, 2009 09:36 AM

First Friday Picks August 2009

From "Incompletely"

Gallery Homeland presents Incompletely, a group exhibition curated by Calvin Ross Carl. Calvin Ross Carl, Derek Franklin, Ashley Sloan, Josh Smith, Bailey Winters and Gary Wiseman "explore themes of incompleteness and insufficiency through formal, conceptual and emotional means."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • August 7
Gallery Homeland • 2505 SE 11th •


Posted in PORT: on August 6, 2009 11:38 AM

calling: photographers and local artists

Newspace is seeking submissions for their first juried members exhibition, showing in September 2009. Current Newspace members working in any photographic theme or process can submit work until July 17. More details can be found here.

Updated: Becca Bernstein is seeking submissions for her new project, the Emerson Art Observatory. For one year (start date TBA), she'll be showing rotating works in a location that is now also TBA. All mediums and formats will be considered. Works can be for sale, but they don't have to be. Proposals are due by September 30. Get more info here.

Added: Seattle's Crawlspace Gallery is seeking submissions for solo exhibitions, group shows, or curatorial projects. Their current deadline is August 1. Directions and details here.

Posted in PORT: on June 25, 2009 11:12 AM

First Friday Picks June 2009


John Brodie's much-anticipated Store for a Month is having its opening party for First Friday. This art project and temporary retail storefront is open from June 3 - 28, 2009, Wed-Sun, 12-7pm. Store for a Month features work by over 60 local artists made specifically for the store, and occasional fresh-baked pie.

Opening party • 6-10pm • June 5
Store for a Month • 1216 SE Division • 503.235.8029


Posted in PORT: on June 4, 2009 09:22 AM

spring productivity

Jessica Skloven, 2008 winner

Newspace is seeking submissions for their 5th annual juried exhibition, which will be on view in August 2009. All photographic themes and processes are accepted, but work must have been created within the past three years. Selected photographers will participate in the exhibition, and one will receive a solo show at Newspace and a $500 award. Submissions are due May 29. Details here.

(More opportunities: public art & gender identity. Larry Sultan for PMMNLS.)

Posted in PORT: on April 10, 2009 09:10 AM

First Friday Picks April 2009

Matt King, "Tater"

Matt King's Science Diet is at Fourteen30 this month: "Seductive and sickening, King's recent sculptures aggressively assert their position as commodity while questioning the relationships between desire, comfort and the complicity that keeps the system in place. King reconstitutes the images and objects of a marketed culture in ways that reorient their latent meanings. His banal and pleasurable source materials - dollar store items, height indicator strips, drinking straws, and even cat food - feel both unexpected and significant."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • April 3
Fourteen30 Contemporary • 1430 SE 3rd • 503.236.1430

(More: Updated! Worksound.)

Posted in PORT: on April 2, 2009 10:05 AM

First Friday Picks February 2009


Worksound presents White Noise, a group exhibition on stagnation. Inspired by Portland snow and the struggling economy, 23 artists from the Pacific Northwest & Los Angeles have interpreted this broad theme through video, installation, and other multimedia works. Featured artists include Kevin Abell, Jaclyn Campanaro, Thor Drake, E*Rock, Danridge Geiger, Damien Gilley, Evan B. Harris, Danielle Higgins, Yoni Kifle, Sarah Jane McKinley, Sarah Meadows, Tamar Monhait, Mason Poole (LA), Nick Raffel, Noah and Nathan Rice, Kent Richardson, Rebecca Shelly, Stephen Scott Smith, Corey Smith (LA), Rebecca Steele, Aaron Thomas (LA), and Dylan Walker.

Opening reception • 7-11pm • February 6
Worksound • 820 SE Alder •

(More - updated.)

Posted in PORT: on February 5, 2009 11:09 AM

PORT's staff review of 2008

flying the Portland flag high in 2008

Worth the wait, 2008 was the most varied and adventurous year of art exhibitions since I moved to Portland nearly 10 years ago. You name it, I saw it; pornographic/existential beer signs, arch minimal multireferential ruminations on the corner of a room, Ed Ruscha's latest paintings, TV stations that broadcast a whopping 20 feet, videos with zebra suits, lots of photography, The Natzler's ceramics, a condo for bats, too many good lectures and lots of gallery shuffling...

(more from Arcy, Ryan, Amy, Alex, Megan and Jeff)

Posted in PORT: on January 11, 2009 02:15 PM

Weekend Picks

Stephen Chalmers

First Friday got lost in the holiday shuffle this month, but there are several interesting shows opening this weekend. Newspace is featuring the work of photographers Stephen Chalmers and Nan Brown. Chalmers explores "psychologically charged spaces... while he coolly detaches such imagery from its popular tropes." His series Transience depicts Snowbirds, and the culture surrounding full time RV habitation. Brown's work looks at a similar American subculture. Trailers Collected depicts "the individualism and freedom intrinsic to American rural life," combating the trailer trash stereotype with an honest look into the diverse community of trailer owners and travelers.

Opening reception • 7-10pm • January 9
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th • 503.963.1935

(More: Autzen Gallery, MK Gallery, PAM.)

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First Friday Picks November 2008

LEFT: Nick van Woert, RIGHT: Nicholas Pittman

Nick van Woert and Nicholas Pittman are bringing New Construction to Fourteen30. Responding to changes in technology and contemporary life through invention rather than reflection, the artists attempt to create a sense of order out of our times through abstract works of relief construction, sculpture, and painting. It's good to see Fourteen30 bringing this space back to participating in First Friday.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • November 7
Fourteen30 • 1430 SE 3rd AVE • 503.236.1430


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End of September Reviews

It's the last days for several worthy exhibitions, so here are some quick reviews to pique your interest:

Installation View, Bored Meeting (L), Invincible Air (R)

Sean Healy's Life in Black and White at Elizabeth Leach Gallery presents his solidest work to date but it's somewhat undone by a hang that diffuses the themes of power, security and posturing.

Taken in small vignettes the show works though. For example, Bored Meeting and Invincible Air both resonate with anyone who knows the business world… it's all about selling some truth between all the posture and ambition... (more)

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Glauber Lecture

Fanny Van Duyn, ca. 1907

Tomorrow night, Newspace hosts an Oregon Chautauqua program from the Oregon Council for the Humanities. Carol Glauber will lecture on four distinctive female Northwest photographers between 1852 and 1917. These women emerged from at least 233 women working at the time, documenting "the Columbia River Gorge, Native Americans, and the early development of the Klamath Basin [to] provide a window into [Oregon's] history that reflects community, culture, and gender."

Lecture • 7pm • September 17 • Free
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935

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First Friday Picks September 2008

Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian's Untitled works seek to produce an "entropic" series of images. Fragmenting photographic space, Kazanjian attempts to break down the "linear" visual plane, and create something entirely new in its reconstruction.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • September 5
Pushdot Studio • 1021 SE Caruthers St. • 503.224.5925


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First Friday Picks August 2008

Jesse Hayward's installation in progress

Jáce Gáce describes Hayward's character as one "in the spirit of throwing caution to the wind and letting the chips fall where they lay," and in The Nursed Meeting of Fallen Renewal he "has created a situation of controlled chaos." His work breaks boundaries and allows the viewer to reset them, building a "living installation that will inevitably change throughout the course of the month."

Opening reception • 6-10pm • August 1
Closing reception • 6-10pm • August 29
Jáce Gáce • 2045 SE Belmont • 503.239.1887


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Talking Points

Melody Owen, "useless, incorruptible, secret"

In addition to her current show at Liz Leach, Melody Owen is exhibiting useless, incorruptible, secret at Caseworks in Reed's Library. She'll be lecturing on her work this week at Reed College.

Artist talk • 7pm • July 17
Reed College Theater • 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. • 503.777.7251

We're notorious around Portland for our struggles with money management. This weekend: Come to Newspace for It's Not About the Money, But Let's Talk About it Anyway, a lecture by Erik Schneider of Quality Pictures. The talk explores the photography marketplace, and from the perspective of both artists and collectors.

Fiscal Lecture • 11am-1pm • July 20
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935

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Second Friday Picks July 2008

Many eastside galleries skipped their openings last weekend due to the 4th of July, so here's our Friday artwalk picks, part II.

Taylor Deupree

Newspace is showing their annual juried exhibition, curated this year by accomplished Portland artist TJ Norris. He describes the chosen photographs as an exploration of the "essence and fragility" of the "selective and concealed moment in time."

Opening reception • 7-10pm • July 11
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935


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First Friday Picks June 2008

Harlan at Pushdot
Susan Harlan

Susan Harlan is delivering a different take on the glass mania invading Portland this month. Her series Invisible Territories features natural specimens preserved in glass slides, then digitally printed onto fused enamel glass panels. Fusing organic specimens into glass, Harlan's work explores and exposes the natural world in a way that breaks from the "organic" forms often found in blown glass sculpture.

Opening reception • 6-9pm • June 6
Artist Glass Conference reception • 6-9pm • June 20
Pushdot Studio • 1021 SE Caruthers St. • 503.224.5925

More below the cut.

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First Friday Picks May 2008

Joe Glasgow at Newspace
Joe Glasglow

Newspace presents Peripheral Vision by the Inner Light Group. Founded in 1986 by Shedrich Williames, the photography group now includes over 20 members working in a wide variety of styles. This exhibition explores the physical and metaphorical possibilities when considering our visual periphery: "Does it exist only in the mind of the photographer? Or is seeing with peripheral vision a physical process that keeps one alert to all that may be happening in the corners and around the edges of an image."

Opening reception • 6-9pm • May 2
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935


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Artists! Listen Up

There are a million opportunities for artists right now, so make sure to "Read More"!

Henri Cartier-Bresson, "Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare" (1932)

Newspace is asking for entries for their 2008 Juried Exhibition. The theme this year is inspired by Bresson's famous description of his photography capturing "the decisive moment." They're looking for entries that explore fleeting environmental moments that "change our perspective slightly... [as] we become witnesses to the gestures of time." Artist and curator TJ Norris is running the exhibition. Selected entries will be shown in a group exhibition, and the winner will have a solo exhibition and receive a $500 award. Entries from anywhere in the world, made within the last two years, will be accepted. The deadline is May 2nd. See their website for more details on how to enter.

(Tons more calls for artists below the cut!)

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joel preston smith at newspace

Happening tonight: Photojournalist Joel Preston Smith will be lecturing at Newspace on the four months he lived in Iraq in 2003, documenting "Iraqis' daily lives, rituals, and struggle to survive-both before and after the U.S. invasion."

Artist slide lecture • 7pm • February 26 • Free
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935

Later this week, Newspace will be hosting their third annual silent auction. The proceeds benefit their educational programs and "contribute to the strength of the organization." The auction is on February 29, and is $10 at the door for non-members. For more information, visit their website.

Reed is also hosting the final lecture in the Working History series. Kianga Ford will discuss her Counting installation, which "examines racial identity through an intermingling of textual narrative and abstract mathematics." The lecture will be followed by a closing reception for the exhibition in the Cooley Gallery.

Artist lecture • 6:30pm • February 27
Reed College, Eliot 314 • 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.

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Portland Curatorial Roundup 2008

Whether you are an artist or an art lover, curators are the people in your community that you need to know and the job involves a lot more than simply selecting who gets to show in a space.

Last year's roundup was hugely popular and this 2008 roundup will take things even farther. It is still by no means comprehensive as Portland has seen an explosion in interesting alternative spaces. It goes without saying that there is a whole new crew in Portland these days.

Participants for 2008 are: Bruce Guenther, Linda Tesner, Josh Smith, Nathan Gibson, Patrick Rock, Namita Wiggers, Kristan Kennedy, TJ Norris, Paul Middendorf, myself, Stephanie Snyder, and Damien Gilley... (more)

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First Friday Picks January 2008

Hiroshi Watanabe at Newspace
Hiroshi Watanabe

This month, Newspace presents Ideology in Paradise, a series of photographs by Hiroshi Watanabe. In this beautiful exhibition, Watanabe gives the viewer a glimpse into the normally off-limits world of North Korea. Although accompanied by government-appointed handlers, Watanabe was able to capture many charmingly human moments in the people he portrays.

There will be a free artist lecture and slideshow at 1pm on Saturday, January 5.

Opening Reception • 7-10pm • January 4
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th AVE • 503.963.1935


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Altered Landscapes

Robert Smithson, "Spiral Jetty" (1970)

The Newspace Center for Photography is soliciting submissions for an exhibition exploring "altered landscapes." From architecture to horticulture to earthworks, human beings are constantly altering the world around them, and Newspace wants to know what that looks like to you.

Any type of photographic process is admissible. You may submit as many images as you like, with a submission fee of $5 per image. The deadline is December 28, and the exhibition will open on February 8. Check out the full prospectus for more information.

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First Friday Picks November 2007

SJH at Small A Projects
Sincerely, John Head

Sincerely, John Head is having their first solo exhibition this month at Small A. The central focus of BOX SET: Car Show is SJH's 1977 Ford Ranchero, but it is only one element of their ongoing BOX SET project. Inspired by the 1977 album Foghat Live, "the year 1977, parking lot culture and fandom," BOX SET explores the physical traces of the "ephemera of fanaticism" and the way the legacy is constructed and packaged. Previous BOX SET projects include the Studio Sessions project for PICA's 2007 TBA festival.

Opening Reception • 5-8pm • November 2
Small A Projects • 1430 SE 3rd Ave. • 503.234.7993


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First Friday Picks October 2007

Paul Yurkovich at Newspace
Paul Yurkovich

For the month of October, Newspace will feature the top three photographers from their 2006 National Juried Exhibition, which was juried by Christopher Rauschenberg and Jennifer Stoots. Although the artists are exhibiting separate shows, their images are united by an obsessive deconstruction of their environment. In his series The Garden, Todd Stewart attempts to share the wonder that he observes in his young children's experience of the natural world. With his rich, green imagery, Stewart invites the viewer to feel this same simple pleasure, as he attempts to explore the relationship between individual creativity and the "natural" process of creation. Paul Yurkovich's Along the Road takes us into the world of the American road trip. Rather than picture the "sights", Yurkovich seeks to capture the dreamlike roadside visions that rush past, lingering only as "sustained afterthoughts." Finally, Rishi Singal's Condition of Urbanity takes us back into the city, documenting his investigations into the forms and (dis)order with which we build our cities. From Western Europe to New Delhi to New York City, Singal has documented his patient exploration of the development of the modern urban world.

Opening Reception • 7-10pm • October 5
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • 503.963.1935


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First Friday Picks September 2007

Jason Kelly at Newspace
Jason Kelly, "Untitled"

For the month of September, the Newspace Center for Photography presents a joint show featuring Jake Shivery's Contact Portraits and Jason Kelly's Mylarsian Dreams. Shivery's work, named for the technique of contact printing directly from 8x10 negatives, is a collection of meditative, highly process-oriented photography.

Kelly's Mylarsian Dreams breaks away from the notion of "reality-based" photography. He coated his studio in mylar, creating bending and reflecting patterns of light that become like ghostly entities in the photographs, bearing little resemblance to what is visible to the naked eye.

Opening Reception • 7-10pm • September 7
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • 503.963.1935


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First Friday Picks August 2007

Justin Gorman and Caleb Freese at Jace Gace
Justin Gorman & Caleb Freese

Hot new Belmont gallery + waffle house Jáce Gáce presents Get Yourself an Education, featuring the photography and design work of Justin Gorman and Caleb Freese.

Opening Reception • 6pm-12am • August 3
Jáce Gáce • 2045 SE Belmont • 503.239.1887


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First Friday Picks July 2007

John Mann at Newspace
John Mann, 1st Place

The Newspace Center for Photography presents Among Us and Curious, their 3rd annual national juried exhibition, curated by Darius Himes. In the chaotic world of 21st century photography, where the multiplication of technology has led to a proliferation of images from anyone, anywhere, Among Us and Curious has sought to restore the critical filter and deliver a strong, cohesive body of work. Neither focusing on the most diverse nor the most technically proficient photographs, the jurors selected images that possessed an "enigmatic script" that would contribute to the overall unity of the show. Himes suggests that "playfulness, mystery, fauna, fancy, and the presence of others among us" should resonate throughout the exhibition.

Opening Reception • 7-10pm • July 6
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • 503.963.1935


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First Friday Picks June 2007

The Hook Up at NAUU
Unfinished installation view of The Hook Up

This month the New American Art Union presents The Hook Up, curated by Bay Area transplant Jesse Hayward. The Hook Up deals with the relationship of art to the wall, how flat space influences media and installation, and the effect of the wall as a unifying element in exhibition. This highly anticipated show introduces new work that might subvert your expectations from participating artists.

The Hook Up features three artists from the 1999 Oregon Biennial who woke up Portland's gallery scene forever, Sean Healy, Brenden Clenaghen, and Jacqueline Ehlis, as well as Ellen George, TJ Norris, Jeff Jahn (PORT's ubiquitous co-owner), and newcomers Stephanie Robison and PORT's own Jenene Nagy.

Opening reception • 7-10pm • June 1
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny Street • Tel.503.231.8294

... (more)

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Enter This

It's been a while, but here I am and with an artist and curatorial opportunity list!...(more)

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First Friday March 2007 Picks

Thunder Eyez at Grass Hut

Portland's music and art scenes are completely entwined. This show of art by musicians will make that even clearer with work by
E*Rock, Mt. Eerie. White Rainbow, YACHT, Hooliganship, Lucky Dragons/Sumi Ink Club, Adam Zeek, Curtis Knapp (Marriage Records & Watery Graves)
Opening Reception • 6-9pm • March. 2-31
Grass Hut • 811 East Burnside • 503.445.9924... (more)

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Groundhog Day Picks: February First Friday

Justin Williams and Luke Ramsey at Grass Hut

Grass Hut's lyrical, manifesto-style press releases are bright spots in the PORT mailbag month after month. February finds Grass Hut threatening to "pimp slap pretentiousness in the face then give it a brightly colored neon band aid so it can heal in style." and clarifying the origins of the "noodle on LSD" drawing movement, giving props to the magnificent Marc Bell and other seminal Canadian doodlers. Friends of the Endless Journey: a doodler's group show features work by Peter Thompson, Luke Ramsey, Justin Williams, Ekta, A.J. Purdy and Andy Rementer, including some collaborative pieces.
Opening Reception • 6-9pm • Feb. 2-28
Grass Hut • 811 East Burnside • 503.445.9924............(more)

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First Friday Picks for January

James Ewing at Newspace

Newspace puts on a good-looking show of work by James Ewing and Whitney Hubbs. Ewing exhibits a body of work shot while on a yearlong Fulbright fellowship to Tunisia in 2004. He documents the tension and syntheses between three distinct cultural forces at play within the country; Arabic, European colonial, and contemporary globalization. Whitney Hubbs uses a highly personal visual vocabulary to interpret everyday experience.
Opening Reception • 7-10pm • Jan. 5-28
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • Tel. 503.963.1935

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Port's Curatorial Roundup 2007

Curators are the people you need to know in the art world and Portland is full of them. To begin 2007 we thought we'd poll a few of them and learn a little more about how they see their roles. Now prepare yourselves, this is one long article. Also, as expected the term curator was incredibly loaded. Some reserve the term only for nonprofit work, others admitted to acting in a curatorial role without actually claiming to be curators. For some being a curator seemed to be like breathing. To be sure there are as many types of curators as there are curatorial roles. From old pro's to rookies, these 13 are only a sampling of the curatorial voices in town:

Terri Hopkins by Joe Macca (detail)

Terri Hopkins: Director & Curator of the Art Gym, Marylhurst University

How did you get into curating? It was a circuitous process of career sampling and elimination. I prepared for a career teaching art history, which
............(much more)

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First Friday Picks for December

First Friday is upon us!

Bruce Conkle photographed by Marne Lucas

Sitting City: Portland Artist Portraits by Marne Lucas promises to be a December highlight. These seventeen images of prominent locals artists hint at the both the moments of joy and bouts of melancholy that are part and parcel of the imaginatively lived life. Her casually sophisticated portraits suggest empathetic identification with her subjects, as in this strange, sweet shot of Bruce Conkle simultaneously revealing his inner child and inner monster. Also showing this month at Mark Woolley's newly consolidated home at the Wonder Ballroom location: Only For Seeing, new drawings and watercolors by Arnold Pander and Denizens: Screenprints and Drawings by Casey Burns.
Opening Reception • 6-9:30pm • Dec.1-30
Mark Woolley Gallery • 128 N.E. Russell (near MLK) at the Wonder Ballroom • T. 503.284.3636

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First Friday Picks for November


"The show is called Driftwood Castle 'cause that's sort of what we're building. Yesterday we drove my pickup to the coast and loaded it up with driftwood, logs and big rocks. When Bwana and I,'Scrappers,' talked about designing the gallery space we both imagined a beach fort. Call it dumb or whatever, it just seems like the right thing to do."

I wouldn't call it dumb at all, Scrappers. In fact, I, "PORT," have been contemplating building my own little fort, or better yet, bunker, ever since I read your press release. I think you've hit the nail on the head, zeitgeist-wise.

Driftwood Castle, an exhibition/night of thematic revelry, will benefit Habitat for Humanity, serve as homebase for a 6pm scavenger hunt, and feature artwork by Bwana Spoons, Scrappers, Dawn Riddle, Ryan J. Smith, Martin Ontiveros, APAK, Le Merde, Souther Salazar, Jacob Macgraw, and Luke Ramsey, as well as David Wien, whose fantastical drawings are always well worth checking out. Opening Reception • 6-9pm
Grass Hut • 811 East Burnside • 503.445.9924.....(more)

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First Friday October 2006


The 2005 National Juried Exhibition Winners at Newspace are J.Sofford of Portland, Jeffery Milstien of New York and Siri Kaur of LA. See their photographs on display as Newspace celebrates its fourth birthday.
Opening reception: Friday October 6th, 7 to 10p. • Through October 27, 2006.
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 se 10th ave • 503.963.1935

The New American Art Union has recreated the studio space of artist Rose Willow McCormick inside the gallery. Each Saturday during the month of October she will complete a live painting in the duplicated studio. The Bushwick Paintings includes work on display from a year-long sabbatical in Brooklyn . Colorful, familiar, tranquil but loud, and varied.
Show runs September 30 to October 29, 2006 • First Friday Reception: (time not listed)
NAAU • 922 se ankeny st • 503.231.8294


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First Friday September 2006

Greg Turco at Newspace

Yes it's one of those wierd inversions when First Friday comes before First Thursday. Of course it isn't the end of the world, it's just the beginning of September

Rachel Shapiro & Greg Turco • The View From here
Newspace is the most consistent 1st Friday stop and this duo of photographers only adds to the tradition.
Newspace Photography • 1632 se 10th portland, or 97214, 503 963-1935...(more)

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First Friday July 2006

Corin Hewitt at Small A Projects

Atlas of the Unknown Romanticisms of the Great Outdoors. Features Graham Anderson, Sarah Braman & Phil Grauer, Corin Hewitt, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Asha Schechter. Curated by Tina Kukielski. small A projects 1430 SE Third PDX 97214 503.234.7993 Opens July 7 from 6 to 9p.

Portrait Show Over 35 local and formerly local Portland artists. Includes Storm Tharp, Paige Saez, Sean Healy, James Boulton, Kristan Kennedy and Isaac Peterson. Curated by Levi Hanes. The Hall Gallery 630 SE 3rd ave PDX 971.570.2290 Opens July 7 from 6 to 10:30 p. Closing Reception July 27 from 6 to 10:30 p.

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First Friday June 2006

Natalie Cartwright • Enamored, a photo travel diary
Cartwright reflects on the wonders of her childhood with a photographic diary of a more recent journey through Japan. Moshi Moshi 811 east burnside portland or 97214 • 503.445.9924 Opening Reception Friday June 2, 6-9 p. Show ends July 1, 2006.

grey|area • group show So-called theme-less, non-narrative, conceptual and abstract minimalism are part of the blurred-line of focus for this show, which could be really strong. Curated by TJ Norris. The 13 selected West Coast artists include Troy Briggs, Ty Ennis, Scott Wayne Indiana, Laura Fritz and Ellen George. Guestroom Gallery 128 NE Russell • 503.284.8378 Opening Reception Friday, June 2, 6 - 9 p. Runs through June 30, 2006.


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1st Friday May 2006

Zoe Crosher's LAX Best Western at Small A Projects

Out the Window (LAX) • Zoe Crosher • photography
This LA based artist is getting international attention for her studies of transitional situations. Her latest series explores images taken from hotel rooms by the LAX airport.
small A projects • 1430 se third avenue portland, or 97214 • 503.234.7993
Opening Reception May 5, 6-9p. Artist talk, 8p. Show ends May 27.

group show • mixed media
Paintings, illustrations and silk-screened images by Kelly Lynn Jones, Josh Cochran, Matt Haber, Allison Cole, Kelley McCarthy.
Renowned • 811 east burnside suite 111 portland, or 97214 • 503.445.9924
Opening Reception May 5, 6 -9:30p. Show ends May 31.

click below for more.....

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Artist Ops Galore

Whoa... lots of Calls for Artists.

Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery’s second annual showcase, The Game Show, is open to all artists working in a craft media or using traditional craft techniques. Mixed-media works and non-traditional materials are welcome. All works must be original, hand-made, available for sale, produced within the last two years, and not previously exhibited at CCMG. A $500 best of show prize will be awarded. Woo-hoo!
All applications must be postmarked by August 15th, 2006.
Click here to download the application.

The Game Show @ Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery
3934 SW Corbett Avenue • Portland, OR 97239

Newspace Center for Photography invites you to participate in their 2nd Annual National Juried Exhibition Competition. Selected photographers will exhibit at the Center in July and August of 2006. First, second, and third prize winners will be awarded $250, $150 & $100, a 3 person show in 2007 and selected gifts from Newspace sponsors. The competition is open to all photographic processes and themes but should have been created in the last 2 years. International entries are accepted. The exhibition will be judged by Christopher Rauschenberg and Jennifer L. Stoots.
All entries must be received by May 15th, 2006.
For information and entry form, click here.
2nd Annual National Juried Exhibition Competition @ Newspace
1632 SE 10th Ave. • Portland, OR 97214

Sedition Magazine in association with the Mark Woolley Gallery presents Alien and Sedition. The "Alien" show hangs at the Pearl gallery location and the Sedition show will reside at the Wonder Ballroom location. Co-curators Mark Woolley, Stephan Alexander, and Douglas Posey offer a collection of art as social commentary. Artists working in all visual media are invited to submit work. The themes are: Alien- Belonging to, Characteristic of, or constituting another and very different place, society, or person; strange; Sedition- Any action or language that brings about rebelion against the authority of the state or the status quo. Submissions Should relate to "Alien", "Sedition" or "Alien and Sedition Acts" in a literal, abstract or conceptual manner.
Deadline is April 25, 2006.
Click here for complete info.
Alien & Sedition @ Mark Woolley Gallery
120 NW 9th, Suite 210 • Portland, OR 97209
128 NE Russell • Portland, OR 97218

The Influence of Motorcycles on Contemporary Art is explored this August at the Mark Woolley Gallery, Guestroom Gallery and The Wonder Ballroom, guest curated by Rachel Sanders.
Deadline is May 31st, 2006.
Click here for complete info.
Influence of Motorcycles @ the Wonder Ballroom
128 NE Russell • Portland, OR 97218

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First Friday April 7, 2006

Drift,Wander,Migrate • Michelle Blade • paintings and illustrations Blade is inspired by myth and folktales of Russian, Hungarian, Indian, Mexican and Native American aesthetics. Renowned Gallery • 811 East Burnside Suite 111 PDX 97214 • 503.807.8128 Opening Reception 6-9:30pm. more...

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First Friday March


Heaven & Earth • Jim Lommassonphotography Lommasson has traveled from Churches to Museums, artists' studios, outdoor revivals, and beyond in search of the various shapes Faith takes in our contemporary environment. New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny Street PDX 97214 • 503-231-8294. Opening Reception: March 3. Show ends March 26, 2006. Read on...

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First Friday February

Group ShowWalter's Daydream • Drawings and Paintings This exhibit features new work by A.J. Purdy, Andy Rementer, Andy Dixon, Andrew Dick, and Justin B. Williams. The artists seek to represent the memories, fantasies, dreams, fears, desires, and ideas in a stream-of-consciousness creation they call Walter.
Renowned Gallery • 811 East Burnside #111 • Tel. 503.807.8128
Opening Reception Friday February 3, 2006, 6-9pm Show closes February 28, 2006


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First Friday

A raucous First Thursday is followed by some good shows in the Central Eastside Industrial District.

The CEID arts district is making some bold expansions with a new gallery opening this month on Division. 12X16 Gallery celebrates their grand opening tonight, unveiling their new space on Division. The inaugural show includes a smattering of collage, photography, mixed media and painting from Cary W. Doucette, Luke Dolkas, C.W. Doucette, Maureen Herndon, Israel Hughes, Eunice Parsons, Lee Ann Slawson, and Edward Story.
Grand Opening • Friday, January 6, 6 to 9 p & Sunday, January 8, noon to 6p
12X16 gallery • 1216 SE Division • Tel. 503.239.4766

For the last 3 years Newspace has been offering great photographic exhibitions, studio space and instruction thanks to volunteers who work in trade for darkroom time. Tonight they showcase the artistic skills of this upstanding crew with a Volunteer Group Show including the belevalent and talented Faulkner Short, Ran Ben, Laura Valenti, Joshua Dommermuth, Phillip Goetzinger, Sika Stanton, Valerie Dolan, Ben Wizansky and Lyla Emery Reno. Artists will be in attendance for the reception.
Opening Reception • Friday January 6th • 7 to 11p
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

Small A Projects opens a solo exhibition from Michael Bise, Joey and Melissa. "Bise makes narrative drawings that depict an uncanny, yet stereotypical suburbia and a fetishistic attachment to the objects, textures and patterns of that mundane setting." These graphite on paper drawings dramatize the relationship of three characters with an aesthetic that seems to have jumped right off the kraft paper book cover of a high school math book. The artist will be present for the opening and giving a gallery talk during the reception.
Opening Reception • Friday, January 6 • 6 to 9 p
Artist’s Talk • 8 pm
Small A Projects • 1430 SE Third Ave • Tel 503.234.7993

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Weekend Events

shastaSM.jpg Tomiko Jones @ Newspace

Newspace strays from the pack this month with a mid-month opening. Tomiko Jones presents Landscapes, a reinterpretation of the female gaze, "destabiliz[ing] the viewer momentarily by placing them in an unexpected private view in what might normally be portrayed as a public neutral view". These luscious b/w landscapes and portraits are executed with a formal and technical precision and some unexpected subject matter.
Opening Reception • Friday, December 9 • 7 to 10p • *artist will be in attendance
Artist Lecture and Workshop • Saturday, December 10 • 1 to 4 p • $35
Newspace Center for Photography • 1632 SE 10th Ave.• Tel. 503.963.1935

Radius Studio holds over their 2nd Annual Holiday Studio Sale for two more weekends "featuring an eclectic assortment of unique hand-crafted gifts from Radius Studio artists and Portland community artisans." Including pottery, sculptural ceramics, paintings, prints and more! Priced between $1 and $50, there is something for everyone...
Saturday & Sunday, December 10 & 11 • 12p to 5p
Saturday & Sunday, December 17 & 18 • 12p to 5p
Radius Studio • 2515 SE 22nd Ave (at Division) • Tel. 503.231.4145

And, P.S., I don't have anything against PAC. I didn't remember their benefit last night because they didn't send me a press release. To be considered for the PORT Openings & Events listings, send all press releases to at least 2 weeks prior.

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First Friday (finally!)

If you're tiring of the same old gallery reception schtick but still love an arty party, then tonight's your night. The Eastside does First Friday with a flare, including a gallery grand opening and celebrity-graced movie night.

Across from the Jupiter Hotel, Fix has been holding down fort for the past year or so. Through some incredible magnetism and muscle, they have attracted at least 3 other young independent art-minded businesses to take up shop in the same building. Tonight, Tony Nguyen opens Renowned with Soon and Very Soon, a group show of local and national artists including Bwana Spoons (PDX), Maya Hayuk (NY), Erik Sandberg (LA), Jill Bliss (SF), and Deanne Cheuk (NY).
Grand Opening • Friday, November 4 • 6-10p
Renowned • 811 East Burnside, Suite 111

Around the corner, NAAU offers What it all Meant, the second solo exhibition by Ty Ennis. This collection of minimal drawings walks the line between irony, rebellion and social critique.
Opening Reception • Friday, November 4 • 7 to 10p
New American Art Union • 922 SE Ankeny St. • Tel. 503.231.8294

A hop, skip and jump away, Homeland takes up fort at their second (temporary) location with new
works by Scott Wayne Indiana. My interest is piqued by the promise of a 72 foot scroll stretched from pillar to pillar, "a long painting resembling the artist’s sketch book and revealing a reflective exercise of examining his own
stream of consciousness as a visual representation." There will also be a collection of smaller new works.
Opening Reception • Friday, November 4 • starting at 7p, live music at 8
Gallery Homeland • 222 SE 10th (within the Troy Building)

A little further south at Newspace are Myron Filene and Jodi Boatman. Filene presents a series of panoramas in the form of prisms, splicing together thin slices from full panoramic shots to effect an extreme stretching of the vertical field. Boatman’s work deals with memory; her images dwell on objects or spaces that trigger personal recollections.
Opening Reception • Friday, November 4th • 7 to 10p
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • Tel. 503.963.1935

Over at small A projects, Laurel Gitlen wraps up her inaugural exhibition All I Want is Everything with a movie night screening of Velvet Goldmine featuring a casual conversation with director Todd Haynes. Seating is limited so call the gallery to RSVP or bring your pillows to sit on the floor. Beer, soda and popcorn will be provided.
Movie Night • Friday, November 4 • 7 to 10p
small A projects • 1430 SE Third Avenue • Tel. 503.234.7993

Wrap up your Eastside Evening at Holocene with a benefit for Flight 64. Flight 64 is a non-profit co-op dedicated to providing affordable access to a press in order to nourish a new generation of artists and Portland's printmaking community. Prints will be for sale by over 30 local artists. The evening will be punctuated by a $5 raffle of prints by Chrisy Wycoff, Emily Ginsburg, and Martha Pfanshmidt. The evening will be accompanied by live music from Horsefeathers, Sexton Blake, and Blitzentrapper.
Flight 64 Benefit • Friday, November 4 • Doors at 5, Raffle at 8:45
at Holocene • 1001 SE Morrison • Free until 9, then $5 cover

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First Friday

a.jpg Barb Choit at small A projects

Well, there were a few changes and missteps last night and turns out Erwin Wurm isn't at Liz Leach this month after all and PDX didn't debut their new space yet, but all in good time. Sorry for any confusion or misdirection. Eight days of art madness is winding down tonight in the Central Eastside Industrial District with three openings and one tailgate party.

My pick of the evening is the housewarming party at Laurel Gitlen's small A projects. She kicks of her new digs with All I Want is Everything a group show celebrating everything rock 'n roll. The reception starts at 6p and at 8p there's a free screening of Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a cult classic that chronicles a day in the life outside a Judas Priest concert circa 1986. There will be a tailgate party throughout the evening with hot dogs and libations. Be there or be, well, wussy.
small A projects • 1430 SE Third Ave • Tel. 503.234.7993

Newspace shows Station to Station by Lisa Gidley (PDX). The exhibition maps NYC through a collection of photographs shot within one block of the Metro stations, 443 in total. A nice homage to public transit and the Big Apple.
Opening Reception • 7 to 10p
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

At NAAU Arcy Douglass presents Panta Rhei, a bold series which negotiates the line between representation and abstraction.
Opening Reception • 7 to 10p
NAAU • 922 SE Ankeny Street • Tel. 503.231.8294

After a last minute relocation, Homeland debuts tonight in the Hall Gallery. I can't seem to find the press release but I think the show is still Zak Margolis, Charles Moss and Amy Steel. I'm guessing from 6 to 9p or 7 to 10p, something in that range.
Gallery Homeland @ The Hall Gallery • 630 SE Third Avenue

* Don't forget, only one more weekend of Fresh Trouble. Saturday and Sunday, noon to 5p. 4246 SE Belmont.

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Young Fresh Friday

Plenty to do tonight...

nspcardsm.jpg Bootsy Holler at Newspace

Accompanying their Bay Area Bazaar exhibition, Pulliam Deffenbaugh hosts the Red and the Green, a play written by Kevin Killiam and Karla Milosovich satirizing pop culture and politics, with a cast of 30 artists reading from scripts and relying on improvisation. The evening begins with readings from curator Larry Rinder, poet Dodie Bellamy and writer Jocelyn Saidenberg,
Doors at 7pm • $5 • *Limited Seating
Pulliam Deffenbaugh • 522 NW 12th Ave • Tel. 503.228.6665

Newspace continues their consistently good programming with Ruby & Willie by Seattle-based photographer Bootsy Holler. This series documents the details of Willie's Richland, Washington, home after Ruby's death. With a museum documentary style, Holler captures the subtleties of the family abode.
Opening Reception • 7 to 10p
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave. • Tel. 503.963.1935

FIX gallery takes on Dan Ness with Blackboard Drawings. Ness is one of Portland's most prolific young artists popping up everywhere from the Pearl to Chinatown to Alberta to SE. With his classic iconic imagery and well-executed collage style, he maintains a consistency and drive that makes him one to watch.
Opening reception First Friday 7-10pm
FIX • 811 East Burnside, Studio No.113 • Tel. 503.233.3189

DK Row once said of me that I continue to show artists that nobody's heard of. Although I don't think this was or is true (yes, there is an art savvy world outside of Portland, Oregon that tracks the careers of emerging artists), I now bestow this honor to the Portland Art Center. PAC brings us another exhibition featuring talent I've never heard of. Tonight they open Natura Naturans, an installation and print study by James Jack. Using media appropriated from nature (pigments from the Oregon Coast and inks from Seder bark) Jack brings the outside in with a meditative and existential body of work.
Opening Reception • 7 to 10p
Portland Art Center • 2045 SE Belmont Street • Tel. 503.239.5481

Rake Art Group presents Space Ambulance "A Night with the Thief", a group show featuring photography, paintings, prints, film and music. Featuring 18 participants, this group introduces a number of unknown emerging artists working in various media.
Opening Reception • 6p to midnight
Rake at Voleur Restaurant. • 111 SW Ash St • Tel. 503.227.3764

natura.jpg James Jack at PAC

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Ploeger at Newspace


Although Portland does not fall victim to the kind of late summer heat that drives people away from many other cities this time of year, August has been marked by a typical late summer lull, as artists and gallerists gear up before this fall's hyperactive roster of exhibitions and events.

That said, there are several shows you may want to catch this weekend before the summer runs out (see Jeff's picks in yesterday's post). One show I recommend is Ann Ploeger's theatrical photographic portraits of the artist's friends in domestic spaces at Newspace. Her portraits are marked by intentionally overworked compositions, highly saturated color, deadpan humor, strategic use of props and harsh lighting. In a review that ran earlier this month, DK Row chided Ploeger for her high theatrics, but these qualities, along with the fact that the photos invite voyeuristic intrigue, are what make these large scale portraits so likable. It's kind of a survey of how the other, hipper half lives.

Row aptly positioned Ploeger as an artist exploring a contemporary equivalent of 19th century painted portraiture. Ploeger chose subjects that tend to embrace a thoroughly retro sensibility (probably just a sign of Portland's obsession with the second-hand aesthetic). The straight faces of her subjects and overtly staged compositions employed by Ploeger give the portraits a somewhat anachronistic feel, harking back to early photographic portraiture at a time where technology didn't allow for a great degree of dynamism. In addition, Ploeger exploits light in interesting ways that give her compositions a painterly theatricality. Most of Ploeger's indoor photographs use harsh lighting that creates dark shadows and well-placed glare, strategically using natural light in combination with prominent placement of domestic lamps. In many outdoor photos, she intentionally positions her subjects in a way that create intense black shadows that contrast with overly saturated areas of sunlight.

In her artist statement, Ploeger explains that her "body of work attempts to capture the subject's true self," an unsettling statement that rings false in light of her work. Ploeger's portraits are emotionally cool in a way that has much more to do with Wolfagang Tillmans' fashionable photos of close acquaintances that Nan Goldin's revealing portraits of her friends. Looking at Ploeger's work, I find nothing revealing about the subject's "true self." The most revealing thing about these portraits is the way that they emphasize the self-conscious posturing of the subjects in everything from the way they position themselves in front of the camera to the conscientious lifestyle choices evidenced in their domestic realms. Perhaps Ploeger's quest to find a sense of truth or authenticity in her photographs explains some of the inconsistencies in the show, for her best work is where artifice unabashedly reigns.

Through August 28 • Newspace Center for Photography
1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

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If you do more than one thing this weekend...

landscape.jpg  Rachael Allen at FIX


Anne Ploeger's "Portraits" at Newspace
Opening Reception • Friday, August 5th • 7 to 10p
1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

Vintage Vandals at Savage Art Resources
Closing Party • Friday, August 5th • 7 to 10p
1430 SE Third Avenue • Tel. 503.230.0265

Rachael Allen at FIX
Opening Reception, Friday August 5th • 6 to 9p
811 East Burnside studio #113 • Tel. 503.233.3189

Gabriel Liston at NAAU
Opening Reception, Friday August 5th • 7 to 10p
922 SE Ankeny Street • Tel.503.231.8294


Bent: Chandra Bocci, Jesse Durost and Ryan Boyle
Opening Reception • Saturday, August 6 • 6 to 10p
Located at 207 SW Pine

Paul Middendorf discusses the latest efforts of Manifest Artistry, Lifeboat-Hamptons, at Scope-Hamptons.
PORT covered Paul's endeavors here and here.
Saturday, August 6th • 7:00p
Gallery 500 • 420 SW Washington St. Suite 500 • Tel. 503.223.3951

Free Form Film Festival
2005 shorts program, plus live musical performance by Inlake
Saturday, August 6th • 9:00p
The Know • 2026 NE Alberta

FFFF is also at the Clinton Street Theatre with American Astronaut "A Musical Space Western"
Tuesday, August 9th • 10:00p

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Set it off {First Friday in the CEAD}

newspacebrett.jpg Josh Sanseri at Newspace

I hope that Newspace is getting the press and collectors they deserve because not only is Chris the nicest guy, he keeps putting on amazing shows. This week they open a new exhibition by Josh Sanseri, Individual Dignity. A project that began in 1999, this series documents small business owners from around the globe, including Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico and Tennessee. His portraits are vibrant and sincere, capturing the creativity and community behind entrepreneurship, "With these photographs, my intentions are to document the character and sense of pride that I have found to be a common thread among small business owners and non-existent in large, corporate chains." Should be a good 'un.
Through July 31• Opening July 1st, 7 to 10p
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

At NAAU Joe Macca's Flotsam offers a wild ride with his collection of deconstructed Artforums, mail art and a video piece featuring Jeff, Jane, Joe and a collector making chocolate chip cookies in Joe's kitchen. Joe usually exhibits his soft color field paintings at PDX but crosses the river for a more experimental exhibition.
Through July 30 • Opening July 1st, 7 to 10p
NAAU • 922 SE Ankeny • Tel. 503.231.8294

Jacqueline Ehlis
continues at Savage through the 9th.
That's right, only nine more days to catch the exhibition that everyone, like it or lump it, has been talking about. Read PORT's review here.
Savage Art Resources • 1430 SE Third Avenue • Tel. 503.230.0265

The fine folks at Holocene, the Eastside's Danish Modern-inspired non-smoking music venue, have begun hanging art on their lofty walls. This month, they present the photographs of New York artist Gavin Stevens. Custom Fit is a series of twelve color prints documenting the artist's work as the manager of San Francisco’s notorious gold front retail outlet, “Mr. Bling.” Grab a gin and juice to go with your gold caps to top off the night.
Opening July 1st, 6 to 9p • Music by DJ Sew What
Holocene • 1001 SE Morrison • Tel. 503.239.7639

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Portland gallery hopping

Jacqueline Ehlis at Savage

To the un-initiated the art scene activity in Portland is a bit daunting and (without a guide like PORT) sometimes tough to locate outside of the Pearl District, which typically shows less experimental work (but even that isnt always true). Every month there are new galleries, artist groups, itinerant warehouse shows and at least three major art walks to confront. The bankers havn't driven the artists out… some of these artists even own homes before age 35, although housing is a very tight market. Grads from Columbia, CCA, UNLV, NYU, Rutgers, Brown, Alfred, RISD and Art Center litter the scene but refreshingly talent is the only real currency. Trust funders although plentiful, don't dominate the pecking order either. Basically, if you've got it… it gets noticed here fast.

So to help here is a bit of a travelogue or diary review starting with cocktails the night of May 31st. Then we go right into the First Thursday and First Friday openings. Also, for every show I mention 5 others are skipped. For our local readers this means you have a week and a half (at the time of this post) to catch anything you missed.

On Tuesday night (may 31st), before the Wednesday previews part of the scene was ensconced at Le Happy, a crepe place and bar in "The Bucket" neighborhood tucked under I-5. It is near the Pearl District and NW 21st . Artist John Brodie (and manager of the band Pink Martini) owns the place. Much of the scene was there; Joe Thurston, Bob Wilcox, Brad Adkins, Marne Lucas, Leah Emkin, Laura Fritz, James Boulton and Bruce Conkle. PORT's own Jennifer Armbrust is at another large table and I give her a nod and eye contact. Big gestures in crowded rooms aren't my thing, private bookish art-nerd that I am. She was gruntled I didn't wave but hey if I waved at her 20 people would logically think I was waving at them too… or drowning.

Wednesday June 1st previews:

This was PORT's launch day and many thanks to Tyler Green who is the MAN when it comes to art blogging. Also, big thanks to longtime blogger Carolyn Zick of Dangerous Chunky too.

The best show by far was by UNLV Dave Hickey alum Jacqueline Ehlis, who seems to have combined the Marfa aesthetic with Willy Wonka, Jo Baer, Tuttle and a little Alfred Stieglitz to pull off 5 distinct but related bodies of work in one strong show. Hanging out with Robert Storr and Hickey never hurts but she is very independent minded. Now she seems to have moved beyond grad school predictability into something that even those who hate Hickey are grooving on. Sales are great, major non-local contemporary museums are in aquisition mode and there is a general sense she's done something special here. The show has kept me off balance and Im still processing the loud minimal weirdness. Read Katherine's PORT review here.

Tim Dalbow at Laura Russo Gallery

First Thursday June 2nd:

It was a bit chilly and overcast but Tim Dalbow (a young painter who is always impeccably dressed) had his opening at The Laura Russo Gallery. But clothes don't make the art. His show here is a surprise because this...

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First Friday in the CEID

newspace.jpg Julia Sherman at Newspace

Newspace Center for Photography presents "New Photography", it’s 1st Annual National Juried Exhibition featuring 39 photographers from 16 states. Curated by Terry Toedtemeier, Mariana Tres and Chris Bennett, the exhibition includes color, black & white, digital, traditional silver and alternative processes. According to Toedtemeier, “The diversity of images in the 'New Photography' exhibit form a broad survey of the kinds of work being produces by emerging photographers today. The vitality of the show accrues to the richness of styles, humor, and varied traditional and digital media.” For a complete list of participants, see the Newspace website (click below).
Through June 26 • Opening June 3rd, 7 to 10p
Newspace • 1632 SE 10th Ave • Tel. 503.963.1935

After Andy Coolquitt's over-stimulating, down-home, folk-inspired love-fest last month, Savage returns to more traditional gallery programming with Jacqueline Ehlis' "Vigor". Bolder and more confrontational than her earlier work, Ehlis' new paintings assert themselves as sculptural forms in the gallery space. Using a neon palette and abstract gestures, Ehlis' work is both visually seductive and formally challenging. Everybody's been chatting about this show for weeks now...
Savage Art Resources • 1430 SE Third Avenue • Tel. 503.230.0265

My pick of the night is tucked away on Produce Row at the Hall Gallery. "Thrill of it all" feaures sound + video + installation + performance. For those who don't know, Hall has been an artist run space for at least half a decade, showing the artists who house their studios there as well as their friends and collaborators. Literally and figuratively an "underground gallery", I've seen some of my favorite works there. This Friday, they're at it again with a few of Portland's best kept secrets Ryan Boyle and Zach Reno as well as SF-based photographer Tim Sullivan. Also showing are Jeff Kriksciun, Claudia Mendoza, Candice Lin, and Maggie Foster.
Opening 6 to 11p
The Hall Gallery • 630 SE Third Avenue

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